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Name :

Santiago Miranda
Qualification :
Civil Engineer
Industry :
Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, Renewables
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Civil Engineer

About our Client

Enthusiastic multi-disciplinary civil engineer with expertise in wind energy and over ten years of experience in construction and project management of oil & gas, renewable and industrial projects.


• Delivered projects up to 2M$

• Fabricated and built structures up to 90m high

• Delivered up to 150 steel towers including monopoles, self-supporting towers and guyed musts

• Implemented robotic welding solutions

Professional Experience

Co-Founder and Construction Project Manager, 2015 – Current

Design, fabrication and erection of steel towers for telecommunication antennas, power lines and light towers

Key responsibilities
Plan, direct and control projects from conception to completion
• Ensure and promote that all designated duties are carried out under safety conditions
• Direct the design of structures according to NationalCodes and client’s requirements
• Establish fabrication schedules and monitor progress against it
• Ensure the projects are delivered on time and within budget
• Prepare and check engineering designs, and ensure the capability to fabricate it with the machinery available
• Direct the purchase of materials
• Evaluate and improve fabrication and erection methods• Liaise with vendors and fabrication crew to find better solutions and optimise costs
• Meet with clients to identify business opportunities
• Listen and analyse employee’s ideas and thoughts on creating a safe and productive work environment

• Delivered projects up to 2M$
• Fabricated and built structures up to 90m high
• Delivered up to 150 steel towers including monopoles, self-supporting towers and guyed musts
• Implemented robotic welding solutions

Civil Engineering Consultant Buenos Aires, 2015 – Current

I provide expert advice on the design, planning and construction management of civil engineering projects, from conception to completion

Key responsibilities

• Design and construction of warehouses, modular houses and offices up to 1M$
• Design and construction of steel structure building protections in Atucha Nuclear Power Station, in Lima, Argentina.
• Construction of residential housing complex “Bajos de Añelo”, Neuquén, Argentina
• Design and fabrication of portable photovoltaic array for off-grid sites

Wind Energy Consultant Buenos Aires, 2021 – Current

I provide advice on preliminary design and feasibility studies of wind projects

Key responsibilities
• Evaluate and find potential sites for wind farm projects
• Analyse the wind resource and filter data from wind measurements, using Windographer
• Do a preliminary selection of wind turbines according toIEC-61400
• Locate the wind turbines, optimising energy production, complying with International and Local Standards, using Openwind.
• Estimate the annual energy production
• Carry out the evaluation of economic feasibility of the 3projects, estimating the annual revenue, NPV, IRR,WACC, Capex, Opex.

• Evaluation of feasibility of three projects in Argentina(30MW, 150MW and 200MW)

Project Engineer YPF Luz S.A January 2015 – August 2015

Wind Farm 100MW Manantiales Behr. Chubut, Argentina

Key responsibilities
• Evaluate project design, customer requirements and costs estimates
• Assign responsibilities to the project team
• Keep an eye on all health and safety requirements
• Liaise with contractors, suppliers and company stakeholders
• Ensure the project is within budget
• Identify project phases, and monitor project progression taking corrective actions when necessary
• Ensure the project’s compliance with the applicable codes and specifications
• Prepare tenders and contract bids
• Process the permissions for grid connections with electricity companies
• Analyse project information to create reports and learning lessons for future projects

• Contributed to deliver the first wind energy project of the company. It was achieved on schedule, budget and with no accidents. The Manantiales Behr wind farm has the highest capacity factor in the country, and one of the highest in the world, with an average of around 60%.

Construction Engineer/Manager YPF S.A August 2011 – December 2014

As a construction engineer, I was responsible for supervising onsite works in various industrial projects across the country.

Key responsibilities
I’ve worked in the following projects: New Coking Unit in Ensenada Refinery, La Plata, Argentina(800M$ project)
• Supervise the manufacturing and assembly of 4.000 tons of steel structures, up to 150m high, using cranes up to2000 tons of lifting capacity
• Ensure the health and safety conditions for all works onsite
• Ensure the correct procedures for lifting operations
• Make sure every structure complies with the AISC,National Codes and project’s standards regarding verticality, welding, bolt’s torque, etc.
• Supervise the application of intumescent paint in steel structures

• I collaborated to deliver one of the most important projects the company faced. My team and I were in charge of all the steel structures of the project. We delivered them with no accidents and complying with all technical requirements, despite the complexity regarding lifting operations and height works.-20.000m3 Gas oil Tank Project, Montecristo, Córdoba, Argentina(10M$ project)
• Supervise the construction of gas oil storage tank foundation (42m diameter) and groundworks.
• Direct the construction of the reinforced concrete enclosure
• Oversee the erection and mechanical assembly of the gas oil storage tank according to API 650 Standards
• Supervise the construction and assembly of fire lines and connections to pipelines
• Supervise the hydraulic and pneumatic tests in the tank and lines
• Oversee the construction of storms and industrial drainage


• 2020-2021 Master’s Degree in Wind Energy

• 2004-2011 Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

• 2000-2004 High School Bilingual Degree


• Worked as a volunteer for, building wood houses in slum areas

• Passionate about renewable energies. I have developed removable and deployable structures for photovoltaic panels, to be used temporarily in remote off-grid places


• Microsoft Office (Expert)

• Autocad (Expert)

• Microsoft Project(Advanced)

• Openwind (Advanced)

• Wasp (Intermediate)

• Windographer (Advanced)

• GH Bladed (Intermediate)

• Global Mapper(Advanced)

• Python (Intermediate)

• English (Fluent)

• Spanish (Native)

• Italian (Beginner)

Technical Skills

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