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Joel Togonon
Qualification :
Biomedical Equipment Technician
Industry :
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Biomedical Equipment Technician

About our Client

Biomedical Equipment Technician with a degree in Electronics Engineering and 10+ years’ expertise in using Biomedical Test Equipment to perform proper calibration and preventive maintenance in line with manufacturer maintenance specifications. Experienced in liaising with both local and international manufacturers & distributors and ordering specific medical equipment parts for the maintenance cycle. Approachable and supportive team member with a commitment to quality customer service and skilled in collaborating with clinical staff for problem-solving and identifying better outcomes. Proven ability to work efficiently under pressure and adhere to safe working practices.


Professional Experience

Account Manager, March 2021 - present

• VRT Systems Corporations: supply and delivery of market-leading products needed by the electronic manufacturing& semiconductor companies, including the health sector

Biomedical Equipment Technician, Nov 2019 – July 2020

Pacific Biomedical Services Inc (PBSI), Medical Equipment Service and repair/ Medical Equipment Distributor (15 employees)

• First response during on-call and handle critical medical equipment such as Defibrillator, Dialysis Equipment, IV pump, Patient/Cardiac monitor, Dental Equipment, Laboratory Equipment,  Infant Incubator, Autoclave

Biomedical Equipment Technician, April 2017 - March 2019 

Hospital Healthcare Facility (50 staff)

• Supervised and coordinated all service and repair activities with respective clinical departments. (Laboratory, ER,ICU, OR, Radiology)

• Canvassed medical equipment and presented pricing, evaluation and updates to hospital administrator

• Established and implemented preventive maintenance programs for biomedical equipment.

• Advised Hospital Administration when equipment should be repaired/replaced and recommended selection of new equipment.

• Managed and coordinated the activities of the Biomedical Engineer Department including the evaluation, replacement, service and repair of complex medical equipment

Account Manager, Feb 2016 - March 2017 

Ark One Solutions Inc, Test and Measurements distributor
Ark One solutions is the exclusive distributor of Keysight technologies product like LCR meter, Oscilloscopes, power supply AC/DC Sources, Frequency counters, Network Analysers (EMG Team 12 staff)

• Created business opportunities in Visayas and Mindanao regions

• Increased sales and closed deals for $100,000USD at Onsmiconductor Cebu, $40,000 USD Network Analyzer at Timex, $35,000USD at Lear Corporation , $20,000 USD at University of San Carlos, and $25,000USD at MSUIIT

Service Engineer, May 2014 - Jan 2016 

RJ Biomedical Equipment and Electronics TradingService

Service Engineer, Sept 2013 - Feb 2014

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer and distributor of Biological safety cabinet with the majority of clients in microbiology departments (9 employees)

• Service engineer of their Esco product and provided training to the end-users.

• Suggested update of test tools calibrations and handled import of products from factory to Cebu site

• Installed Class 3 Biological safety cabinet, Laminar Flow, and Fumehood at Hospital microbiology department

• Responded to service calls from customers and provided updates to head office

BiomedicalEngineer /Team Leader, Feb 2007 - Nov 2012

Private Hospital with medical equipment distribution to the government hospital (60 staff for biomedical team and 4 in my team)

• Implemented in-house preventive maintenance

• Handled service calls and Installation on Medical Equipment in any hospital in the pacific islands such as Federated States of Micronesia and Majuro Marshall Islands.

• Handled LAN and WAN networks in the hospital.

• Liaised with manufacturer and arranged business transaction such as procurements of medical equipment, and shipment arrangements

• Evaluated products and made price comparisons and recommendations to medical director regarding which equipment to procure

• Monitored medical Equipment and communicated with hospital staff re issues with equipment in their respective departments


• Improved biomedical services in their private hospital resulting in reduced costs of repair and maintenance

• Improved medical equipment distribution through direct ordering of medical equipment from the manufacturer and obtaining exclusive distribution contracts

Field Service Engineer, Oct 2003 – Nov 2006

Quest Diagnostic Systems 

• Installed and maintained haematology, chemistry, and electrolyte analysers

• Repaired and overhauled instruments such as Clinical Chemistry analysers fully automated instrument (Biotechnical Instrument & CGA instrument), Haematology analyser instruments (Nihon Khoden), and electrolyte instruments (Medical)

• Analysed technical and quality related problems and instrument defects, and liaised with internal and external customers


• Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering


• Practising guitar and ukulele

• Playing Basketball

• Researching new technologies


Technical Skills

• Electrical Safety Analyser

• Defibrillator analyser

• Vital Signs & ECG simulator

• Oxygen analyser

• Digital Multi-tester

• Oscilloscope

• Instrument calibration

• Data analysis

• MS Office programs  

• Service  documentation

• Using soldering equipment and hand tools

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