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Bioinformatics Professional
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Bioinformatics Professional

About our Client

Bioinformatics Master’s graduate with a background in biological science, computer science, and statistics. Skilled in data analysis, bioanalytical techniques, project management, and developing statistical models to solve real-world problems using Python and R. Innovative and supportive team member with a natural curiosity and ability to communicate in both technical and non-technical language. Strong believer in the power of collaboration and the advancement of research through computational insights.


Technical Skills

▪ Programming in C, C++, Python (basic), and R, and Bioinformatics software BLAST and Galaxy

▪ PyMOL and Swiss-Pdb Viewer to visualize protein structures and analyse binding sites

▪ Querying and extracting data from databases like NCBI and Ensemble

▪ Conducting sequence alignments, annotating genomes, and visualising molecular structures

▪ Molecular docking techniques and Statistical analysis and data visualization for biological Data

▪ PCR, Gel electrophoresis, Bioinformatics tools and Next Generation Sequencing (GATK-pipeline)


▪ Finalist at Smart India Hackathon (Hardware Edition), Government of India (2022), to develop a hardware-based solution for automated crowd management using IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

▪ Participated in the National Conference Cum Workshop on Machine Learning in Biological and Medical Sciences at Pondicherry University (2022) gaining insights into cutting-edge research and emerging trends

▪ Contributed to the International Conference on Prospects of Biosciences in Transdisciplinary Research (2020) through presenting my research findings, and engaging in cross-disciplinary discussions

Professional Experience

Assistant Scientist

March- Sept 2023

Research-driven pharmaceutical company

▪ Hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

▪ Worked alongside professional researchers in developing new drugs and participated in the preparation and submission of scientific publications

▪ Exposed to cutting-edge research and technologies in the field of drug development,

▪ Gained experience in laboratory techniques, data analysis, and interpretation of scientific results.

Skills: Drug Discovery · Drug Development · Dynamic Simulation · Drug Design · Docking · Linux · Python

Data Analyst

Internship, Nov - Dec 2021


▪ Gained hands-on training in Linux, python, next-generation sequencing, data analysis, and network biology

Skills: Next-Generation Sequencing · Linux · Python · Network Biology

Data Analyst

Internship, Oct - Nov 2020

University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU),

▪ Training in Introduction to biological data analysis and programming languages

▪ Introduction to biological data analysis and programming languages

Skills: Data Analysis · Biological Data Analysis · Programming


Master’s in Bioinformatics (July 2023)

Papers included: Genomics, Proteomics, Sequence Analysis (Interpretation of DNA, RNA, or protein sequences), Structural Bioinformatics (Analysing 3D biological structures) and Data Mining (Extracting insights from large datasets)

Diploma in Bio-Analytical Techniques (Aug 2019)

Additional training

▪ Certified in C & C++

▪ Basic Medical Coding

▪ Linux, Python, Data Analysis and Network Biology

▪ Introduction to biological data analysis and programming languages


▪ A report on the causes and complications of viral hemorrhagic fevers and a detailed analysis of their infection

▪ Identification and characterization of novel compounds from Sargassum Wightii with high affinity and specificity towards the Klebsiella Pneumonia Lpxh-Azi Complex: an integrated In-Vitro And In- Silico approach


▪ During my college years, I was an enthusiastic member of the English Communication Club, teaching younger students

▪ Enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and preparing dishes from various cuisines as a creative outlet

▪ Home improvement enthusiast: take pride in maintaining well-organized and aesthetically pleasing living spaces


Technical Skills

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