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Dulsha Rajathewa
Qualification :
Agriculture Specialist
Industry :
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Agriculture Specialist

About our Client

Experienced agricultural specialist with hands-on experience.


Hayleys Chairmans Awards – Winner of Purification Sector for launching 25 Sustainability Focused Initiatives to celebrate the company's Silver Jubilee

Each of the initiatives will focus on advancing a variety of social and environmental causes including biodiversity protection, animal rights and welfare, water purification, the distribution of face masks to combat COVID-19, as well as concerted community and employee outreach and awareness-building programs focused on the protection and conservation of natural resources.

Hayleys Chairmans Awards - Overall Winner and The Winner of the Purification Sector for Puritas Sath Diyawara; Flagship CSR Project of Hayleys Group

Provide sustainable solutions for the areas affected by chronic Kidney Disease. The project focused on providing quality drinking water, educational aids and knowledge dissemination, livelihood development, improving health and sanitation of villagers and sustainable environmental management whilst enhancing the unity and harmony of villagers

Coordinated and implemented system requirements for ISO 9001:2008 QMS and achieved the certification within nine months.

This included re-structuring the organisation, defining functional departments, standardising operational procedures, introducing new procedures etc.

Submitted successful applications on behalf of Soil Tech (Pvt) Ltd for various awards ceremonies

National Business excellence awards, Entrepreneur of the year, national construction excellence awards, Environment Awards during

Professional Experience

Manager - Cash Crops

Family Owned Agricultural Asserts

My family inherited about 3 acres of cultivated land (rice, coconut, pepper, cinnamon, garcinia, areca nut and betel leaves).

  • Coordinating and supervising Intercultural practices for coconut, harvesting and trading nuts, shells and coconut oil.
  • Coordinating and supervision of rice cultivation, harvesting and processing
  • Managing Pepper, cinnamon, areca nut and garcinia crops, harvesting, processing and trading
  • Established an acre of commercial beetle cultivationHands on experience and training obtained from Agriculture Training Center –Ambepussa for commercial scale oyster mushroom production

Section Head - Business Development

I was a core member of; planning*, implementing and monitoring of flagship CSR project of Hayleys Group in 19 project locations

* Planning, implementing and coordinating "Going Beyond" initiative which provides educational essentials for 3,500 students in 12 schools

* Designing and launching 25 sustainability-focused initiatives to celebrate the company's silver jubilee over 25 weeks

  • Analyse demographics, and health statistics and liaise with community groups, government entities to screen villages to choose 19 CSR project locations
  • Coordinate with government entities and resource persons to conduct livelihood development programs for villagers whilst being are source person on women empowerment, livelihood development and good agricultural practices
  • Prepare cost estimations, sourcing suppliers, arranging logistics and coordinate with 12 schools over 5 districts of the country to ensure smooth distribution of school essentials in above 19 locations
  • Continuous follow-up with 19 community-based organisations to ensure smooth operation and good governance of the facilities donated by the company and the income generated by the Community Based Organisation
  • Analyse the future trends, plan and develop business models for future business opportunities to present in strategy reviews
  • Coordinate with the corporate communications unit for CSR-related PR articles
  • Coordinate, review, edit and design responses to Request for Proposals, Bids, Expression of Interests relating to agriculture and environment-related projects as part of the company's diversification strategy
  • Coordinating and monitoring contract basis employee carder of the company for projects specific recruitments

Agriculturalist cum Head of Human Resources and Administration

An Environmental Engineering service provider; specialising in ground/soil-related remediation and engineering works such as erosion control, landslide mitigation etc. Started as a field agriculturist and eventually my work grew into handling most of the general administration and project coordination and compliances management

  • Coordinate and implement ISO 9001:2008 quality management system at Soil Tech at the capacity of Management Representative and conduct internal audits to ensure the conformance of the operations of each department to ensure the system compliance
  • Provide technical guidance and coordinating agriculture/environment_related projects undertaken by the company
  • Define cadre and activities on recruitment, evaluation of employees, take disciplinary actions etc.
  • Evaluate and implement participation by the company in local exhibitions, sponsorships and community programs
  • Contract negotiations, selecting sub-contractors, monitoring progress and closing up projects
  • Prepare applications for local & international awards & memberships and renewal of registrations etc.
  • Coordinate, review, edit and design responses to Request for Proposals
  • Develop and implement the firm’s public relations programs; internal and external publications (e.g. newsletters, client alerts, greeting cards, etc.)
  • Develop and implement the firm’s advertising program: design and place advertisements; negotiate contracts with media; work with design agencies on advertising campaigns


B.Sc. Agriculture specialised in Horticulture and Landscape Gardening

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

International Training on Local Economic Activation

Strategic Business Management

Certificate in Human Resources Management


  • Traveling, wandering and camping
  • Experiencing different cultures, and ethnicities; Walked 112 -108 km pilgrimage in Sri Lanka called "pada yathra" along with devotees of lord Muruhan consecutively for 5 years to experience and empathies the Srilankan Hindu Culture, wilderness and nomadic life.
  • Driving on country roads
  • Photography
  • Supporting animals, stray dogs, cats, sea turtles, elephants etc.
  • Acquiring culinary skills, trying out recipes


Technical Skills

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