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Ankita Lall
Qualification :
Administrative Officer (Medical)
Industry :
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Administrative Officer (Medical)

About our Client

Experienced Medical Administrative Officer.



  • Advanced level- Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Intermediate level- Microsoft Visio
  • Beginner- Microsoft Projects
  • Oracle for procurement and HR processes
  • Time management
  • Ability to work under pressure and adapt
  • Positive, self-motivated and proactive
  • Team player, approachable and friendly
  • Attention to detail
  • Skilled at researching
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with persuasive communication
  • Document management: Electronic and hard copy

Volunteering and Community Service

  • Volunteered at Blue Cross India: Helped feed the stray dogs at the shelter (2010-2011)
  • Community Dental service: As a part of the curriculum in Dental College, we provided basic dental care to those who could not afford it
  • Organised a free Dental Camp in Society of Saint Vincent De Paul: The free dental camp allowed a dental checkup for visiting the church on a specific day


  • Hospital Project Management
  • Hospital Operations
  • Dentist
  • Resident Dental Surgeon

Professional Experience

Administrative Officer (Medical Division)

  • Prepare reports and presentations for the Executive Medical Director
  • Minute taking for committees and meetings
  • Following up with multidisciplinary departments on action points
  • Meticulous in meeting deadlines for tasks
  • Schedule internal and external meetings
  • Confident in clear communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Key point of contact between Dhaman and International OperatorTeam (Ribera Salud)

➢ Developed and maintained multiple live documents for Medical Staff

➢ Sharing information in a timely and efficient manner with relevant team members

➢ Ensuring confidentiality of information

➢ Supporting and connecting the Ribera Salud technical team with the appropriate team members and with the correct information

  • Supported the operations director for project coordination of commissioning Primary Healthcare Centers
  • Developing workflows on MS Visio to improve existing processes
  • Maintain an organised track of the ongoing tasks/projects and regularly update the status to maintain an up-to-date record

Administrative Assistant (Medical Division)

  • Collaborate with the executive and managerial levels, to develop Key Performance Indicators for their departments
  • Mediated between Dhaman and eminent organisations such as Joint Commission International, Mayo Clinic, Serco to facilitate processes, payments, and programs
  • Liaised with external medical consultants to prepare reports, process payments, and organise meetings
  • Contributed to the commissioning of Dhaman PHC’s by facilitating the procurement process of ordering medical equipment, medical and dental consumables, and materials
  • Joint Commission International (JCI):

➢ Acted as the key point of contact between Dhaman and JCI

➢ Ensured documents and communication shared between the organisations were accurate and disseminated on time

➢ Reviewed the Policies and Procedures shared by JCI and assigned it to subject matter experts for their feedback

➢ Ensured that all policies and procedures were coded correctly and categorised in the correct JCI Chapter

➢ Shared approved documents with relevant stakeholders

➢ Facilitated multiple meetings between the organisations to review the facility layouts, conducting training for Dhaman staff and meetings with subject matter experts from both organisations

➢ Managed the payments for JCI as per the contracts to make sure the correct amount was reimbursed to JCI at the right time

➢ Coordinated and assisted to attain international quality standards for three Dhaman Primary Health Care Centers and earned the Joint Commission International Accreditation for the three Dhaman facilities

Technical Assistant (Medical Division)

  • Overall office management, ensuring continuous supply of stationery and supplies
  • Categorised and distributed regular and electronic mail and other material to coordinate the flow of information internally and with other departments and organisations
  • Proficient in using Oracle for procurement and HR processes
  • Coordinated to collect, integrate, and consolidate the monthly/ annual reports from all corporate departments


Master’s in Business Administration and Public Health (Dual Degree)

Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery

Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality- NAHQ



Technical Skills

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