New Zealand is open for business

New Zealand welcomes migrants who bring their business experience.  

The commitment to economic freedom has resulted in impressive economic resilience.

Openness to global trade and investment are firmly institutionalised, and the economy rebounded quickly from the global recession.

A long term drive for diversification means that New Zealand’s economy has flourishing agricultural and manufacturing sectors, the thriving tourism industry and a strong renewable energy resource base.


Watch the New Zealand Wine Story, a fantastic video: click here! 


The World Bank has named New Zealand the second-best country in the world to do business in:


1 Singapore
2 New Zealand
3 Hong Kong
4 Denmark
5 South Korea
6 Norway

7 United States
8 Britain
9 Finland
10 Australia  




In its latest Doing Business Report, the World Bank has praised New Zealand:

Small and well-run Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong are the world's easiest places to run a business, while global giants China, Brazil and India remain far down the list.

The deciding criteria for measuring the operating environment for businesses were:




  • how easy it is to start a company 
  • to transfer a property  
  • to resolve a commercial dispute
  • the time and cost of clearing imports and exports through a port
  • how easy is it to get an electricity connection 
  • other issues business owners face in any country



According to the World Bank, the top-performing economies are therefore not those with no regulation, but those in which governments have managed to create rules that facilitate interactions in the marketplace without needlessly hindering the development of the private sector: "Ultimately, ‘Doing Business‘ is about smart regulations that only a well-functioning state can provide."


New Zealand has a higher economic growth rate than most other countries

According to the December quarter 2014 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) statistics, New Zealand´s economy was a top performer in the world markets.

  • Only three of the largest economies worldwide had higher economic growth: India, China and Indonesia. 
  • Only two of the EU countries had higher GDP growth than New Zealand: Ireland and Malta. 
  • Even the United States had a lower growth rate than New Zealand.


The reasons for New Zealand's exceptional economic performance were

  • low unemployment
  • high consumer confidence
  • a strong net migration inflow
  • a substantial increase in tourist numbers


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