The top 10 reasons for investors to choose New Zealand

Why do investors migrate to New Zealand?

New Zealand`s climate and lifestyle are key reasons for investors when choosing New Zealand as their new home. 

The top 10 factors named by investor migrants for immigrating to New Zealand under investor visa policies are:

  1. New Zealand`s climate and landscape
  2. New Zealand`s lifestyle 
  3. Investor policy provides New Zealand residence
  4. New Zealand`s political stability
  5. I had visited New Zealand in the past and liked it
  6. Because I met immigration policy requirements
  7. Because of personal and family safety and security 
  8. Because New Zealand is an English speaking country
  9. Because the investor policy options are transparent 
  10. Because the investment options are easy to understand

For most investor migrants the state of their home country (economy, environment, policy and politics), coupled with the fear that circumstances might worsen, are strong motives to leave. 

New Zealand's draw cards are its famous lifestyle (relaxed pace, environment, friendly people and strong education system), prior visits and family or friends.

Only a small number of investor migrants have migrated to New Zealand for the sole purpose of investing their funds.

Source: Investor Migrant Research 2013/2014, undertaken by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.

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