Investor and Business Migration Webinars

Investor Webinars

New Zealand has experienced a tenfold surge in interest from overseas investors and retirees looking for a safe place to live!

Join our Senior Immigration Adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass for a free webinar on Investor and Retirement Migration to New Zealand!

"New Zealand's response to Covid has definitely been noticed in other countries, and has created a window in time where interest in relocating businesses to New Zealand or investing here is higher than normal." 

Seeking a safe haven in New Zealand from their coronavirus-plagued countries and economies, investors are drawn to New Zealand because of its strong coronavirus strategy

This response multiplied the country's existing advantages, such as its lifestyle, location, trade deals and innovative businesses. 

US citizens now account for more than half of the inquiries, followed by investors from Europe. 

About our Investor and Business Migration Webinars

Dr. Carsten Hallwass, Senior Immigration Adviser at New Zealand Immigration Concepts, has more than 25 years of experience in advising Business and Investor migrants to New Zealand.

Dr. Hallwass says: 

"To reflect the growing worldwide interest in New Zealand, we have developed our Investor and Business Migration Webinars. 

The purpose of our webinar is to give all those who are interested in finding out whether they might be able to immigrate to New Zealand as investor or business owner, a concise overview over New Zealand's various investor and business migration programs. 

Most of these policies are pathways to permanent residence in New Zealand.

The visa application process is complex. It involves the placement of considerable investments and strict conditions have to be observed to comply with different visa programs.

The bottom line is that New Zealand's investor migration policies require an applicant's investment to be beneficial for our country, eg by creating jobs for New Zealanders, adding capability networks, technology, or providing access to new markets.

The details of these policies will be explained in our webinar and you are invited to ask Dr. Hallwass any questions relating to your immigration strategy. 

Dr. Hallwass says: 

"From my experience in our practice it appears that investors now are in a rush to start their immigration journey and to proceed with their visa application process. 

We expect that by the time their visas will be approved and our clients have transferred their investment funds, the border may have re-opened.

When asked when we can expect the border to open for business and investor migrants, Dr. Hallwass says 

"When exactly this will be the case still remains unknown but there are signs of hope:

         - Prior to the election  on 17 October the public discussion has noticeably shifted from preventing the infection with Covid-19 to revitalising the economy.

   -Leading economists hold the view that extra quarantine capacity for ‘critical workers’ is vital: “It is now critical the Government addresses the border bottleneck. … Businesses are struggling to bring in critical foreign workers with niche skills not available in New Zealand." 

            -New Zealand’s largest businesses call out for urgent action, to avoid that critical overseas staff will be lost and, as a result, both the economy and employment levels will suffer.

           -The Government revealed that border restrictions for some resident work visa holders and partners of Kiwis will be eased.

Suggested solutions to facilitate the re-opening of New Zealand's border are:

- A user-pays system for business migrants;

          - A booking system to manage both, demand and the quality of managed isolation facilities.


Dr. Hallwass says:   

"We expect further easements to be announced in the near future.  

It is our strong recommendation at NZIC to commence with the preparations for implementing your New Zealand plans now! 

As soon as the border restrictions will be lowered and our managed isolation and quarantine facilities are upscaled and can be utilised, the demand from investors, entrepreneurs and skilled workers from overseas will further increase. 

This will most certainly result in longer visa processing and waiting times and delay your possible move to New Zealand. 

We advise you to join our webinar to gain a good understanding of the visa policies and the requirements you will have to meet. 

As a result you will be in a position to make an informed decision on whether migrating to New Zealand as investor or business migrant might be the right way forward for you, and on what your next steps of your migration journey would be. 

Join Dr. Carsten Hallwass in our Investor and Business Webinar to find out whether you qualify for a visa that will allow you to live in New Zealand!

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  • "Wanted to thank you for the very informative webinar yesterday! Finally feeling optimistic about this transition process and my situation after attending yesterday and I appreciate that, especially in these times of such uncertainty." S.S USA
  • "I managed to attend the webinar today! :) My queries have been answered. I feel a lot more confident about the process now." M.V India
  • "Hello, First we would like to say thank you for your very informative webinar. Many of our detailed questions have been answered and we would both like to continue the processes of obtaining work visas." A.T Greece
  • “Thank you for the webinar, it was definitely fruitful. I was highly impressed by the clarity in which guidance was provided in today's webinar by yourself and Dr. Carsten. It gave a boost to my confidence in the pathway towards NZ.” H.M



New Zealand’s stable economy and political system, its reputation for innovation and the ease of doing business make it an attractive place to invest. 

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