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Join our NZIC Immigration to New Zealand Webinar:

Meet our Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Dr.Carsten Hallwass in a live forum and find out how you can obtain a visa for New Zealand and find a job! 


What are you going to learn at the webinar?

  • Our team of professionals will explain the process of migrating to New Zealand and every step involved on the way. 
  • They will cover all aspects of the visa application process as well as the job hunt in the New Zealand employment market.
  • You will hear about the challenges most migrants will face at some stage along the way and how we can help you overcome hurdles in the maze of visa regulations and  in an unfamiliar labour market

Following this detailed overview, you will have a chance to ask our Licensed Immigration Adviser questions and also hear answers to questions put forward by fellow participants of the webinar. 


We want you to be fully informed and in charge of your migration journey! 

You will learn how to be in charge of your own process at all times and feel fully confident that you are taking the right steps towards your successful migration and new life in New Zealand. 


Feedback from previous attendees: 

"I loved your webinar! Within forty minutes your team explained exactly what to expect and took the time to patiently and competently answer lots of questions. I think I can say that I now have a clear picture of what lies ahead on my way to New Zealand! It is a huge comfort to know that NZIC will be at my side throughout the entire process. Thank you, Carsten and Jane!"
Thank you for the webinar , it was definitely fruitful. I was highly impressed by the clarity in which guidance was provided in today's webinar by yourself and Dr. Carsten. It gave a boost to my confidence in the pathway towards NZ.” H.M
"The webinar was informative indeed -.we are glad that we joined in." A.R
"Wanted to thank you for the very informative webinar yesterday!
Finally feeling optimistic about this transition process and my situation after attending yesterday and I appreciate that, especially in these times of such uncertainty." S.S USA

Google reviewer: "I have recently engaged them and attended their webinar which goes through some of the most asked questions about migration and work visas. It was very informative! This was followed up with a scheduled one-to-one meeting with their immigration advisor for more details into the next steps. Emma has been very responsive to e-mails and truly professional. I’m looking forward to working together."


Register your interest

To register your interest in attending one of our webinars please complete our Free Assessment form and let us know your questions. 

Our Immigration Webinars are strictly by invitation only, reserved for candidates that have been pre-assessed by our Licensed Immigration Advisers and Job Search Coaches! 

If your chances of migrating successfully are assessed as realistically good,  you will have the opportunity to attend our live webinar and ask our immigration experts your visa and job search-related questions.  

Please note that our webinars are limited to 15 people to ensure a good flow of communication and give everybody a chance to participate and learn. 

Webinars are held at different times of the day throughout the week to meet different time zones.


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Ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers

If you want to find out what it takes to migrate to New Zealand ask our Licensed Immigration Adviser Dr.Carsten Hallwass for a Free Assessment.

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Many thanks for the details. The webinar was a good experience with all the questions covered step by step for potential migrants. It was a good format.