No visa without a job!

You need a job to apply for a visa: The Catch 22 hurdle

Whether you want to apply for a Resident Visa under the Skilled Migrant Category or for an Essential Skills Work Visa, a New Zealand job offer will be the key requirement for your visa application. 

Find out how the Catch 22 dilemma will affect your Resident Visa process as well as your Work Visa eligibility:


The Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa and the Catch 22 hurdle

In principle, to be eligible for a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa 

  • you need to be 55 or under when you apply;
  • you need to meet health and character requirements;
  • you need to speak English reasonably well;
  • you need to reach a minimum of 100 points.

However:  Even if you meet the minimum requirements and have a points score of 100, you will currently not be invited to apply for a Resident Visa.  

As a matter of fact you will now need 160 points for your Expression of Interest to be successfully selected!


Feedback from our Licensed Immigration Advisers: 

"It is highly unlikely that anybody is able to reach the current minimum score of 160, unless points can be claimed for an offer of skilled employment.

As long as you do not have an offer of employment, your Expression of Interested will not be selected from the Pool and you will not receive an Invitation to Apply for a Resident Visa: you are caught in the Catch 22 situation." 

"Many of our clients are overestimating the number of points they can claim in their EOI. To avoid being rejected from the Pool, we advise you to ask us to check your points score before submitting your EOI." 

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Read more on the minimum points requirement: 'Does a point score of 100 guarantee you that your EOI will be successful?  Unfortunately not.'

 To find out what it takes to qualify under the Skilled Migrant Category, see our Quick Self-Check Guide.

Your EOI is more likely to be successful if you have employment in a skills shortage area.


The Essential Skills Work Visa and the Catch 22 hurdle

In your Essential Skills Work Visa application you have to prove that 

  • you have a full-time job offer,
  • you have the necessary skills and experience to work in your occupation, 
  • you have New Zealand registration, if it is required to work in your occupation in New Zealand, 
  • your employer has tried to recruit any suitable New Zealanders who are available to do the work before offering you the job.

You cannot submit a work visa application unless you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer. If you would do so, your application would be rejected by Immigration New Zealand. 

Again you are caught in the Catch 22 situation!


Find out how we can help you to find a job and how our powerful Service Fusion will empower you to overcome the Catch 22 hurdle!


Are you eligible to work and live in New Zealand? Find out by using our Quick Self-Check Guide.

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