Your job needs to be classified as skilled

What is an 'offer of skilled employment'?

For most migrants an 'offer of skilled employment' is the key to their successful migration. 

In other words: Your first job in New Zealand needs to be on a skill level that is sufficient to build the base of your visa application. 

In practice that means for you that you cannot just accept any job offer in New Zealand, as that might not enable you to apply for that most important work visa or give you points for your Expression of Interest on your way to residency. 

It is therefore very important that you align your job search with your visa application process. Only if a job offer can be classified as skilled employment in line with immigration regulations will you be able to obtain the necessary visa that will allow you to take up the job offered to you.


How Immigration New Zealand defines Skilled Employment

'Skilled employment is employment that requires specialist, technical or management expertise.'

 While this sounds clear enough, it will get a lot more complicated from here. 

Immigration instructions will take the following points into account when assessing whether a specific job is skilled:

  • Assessment of whether employment is skilled - See the full List of Skilled Occupations
  • Occupations awarded points for skilled employment as an exception
  • Relevance of work experience to employment
  • Recognised work experience

You can read the full immigration instructions regarding Skilled Employment here.  


When studying the List of Skilled Occupations and reading through Immigration Instructions, you will probably find that the evaluation on whether or not employment is skilled, is rather complex and requires the expert knowledge of a Licensed Immigration Adviser. 

For that reason our Job Search Specialists will always confer with our Licensed Immigration Advisers when guiding you through the job application process. Only if a position will satisfy Immigration regulations, our Job Search Specialists will encourage you to apply for a job. 



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