Work in New Zealand

How can you find a job? Find out everything you need to know about job searching in New Zealand.

Work in New Zealand

Finding a job in a new country is a daunting task. 

Our Job Search Assistance Service for Skilled Migrants will give you a powerful boost, decidedly increasing your chances of finding a job.

The level of support you will receive from our Job Search Specialists for your job search in New Zealand is unparalleled. 

To get you ready for the New Zealand job market our Job Search Manager will develop your professional profile, provide you with her insider know-how  and work with you on becoming the best candidate you can possibly be. 

But our work does not end there! We have now added an extra layer of support for your job search: our Job Search Coach will actively work with you on identifying job opportunities and providing ongoing coaching and feedback during your job search journey.


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Do you want to work in New Zealand?

You need a visa to get a job and a job to get a visa. Ask us how we can help you solve this Catch-22 dilemma.

Find out if you qualify by using our Quick Self-Check Guide or ask us for a Free Professional Assessment to find out how to start the process. 


January 2017 Headline News:  

'Outstanding signs' of strong NZ job market in 2017

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Ask our Job Search Specialists

If you want to find out more about finding a job in New Zealand, contact Katrin Schottke, Job Search Manager at NZIC.

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