How does the Points System work, and how can you maximise your chances?

New Zealand is a popular choice for migrants from all over the world, and there are always more Expressions of Interest EOIs) in the pool than the number selected.  

Every two weeks Immigration New Zealand selects as many Expressions of Interest from the pool of applicants as potentially needed to reach the goal number of required skilled migrants and adjusts the number of selected EOIs accordingly. The number of points required can change from one fortnight to the next, depending on the quality of EOIs in the pool.  

A practical example:  As a result of the Selection that took place on 4 March 2020, 724 EOIs were selected, but 642 EOIs were still left in the pool.

From our experience, it is most likely that those applicants, whose EOIs were not selected, do not have a job offer yet and have little or no chance to be selected in subsequent Selections. 


Your chances of being selected depend on the following three variables:

  1. How many EOIs there are in the pool on the day of the selection,
  2. How many points the other applicants in the pool are claiming in their EOIs, and
  3. How many applicants need to be selected to ensure that the annual target number of skilled migrants can be met.  

The bottom line is: You need to claim as many points as you possibly can to improve your chances of being selected. 


How can you maximise your points potential? 

If a point score of 160 appears to be out of reach for you at this stage, there is a good chance that you might be able to reach that score once you can claim additional points for an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand. 

Talk to our Job Search Professionals about how we can help you find a job that will help you claim 50-70 extra points and give your points score the necessary boost!

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will explain how we will be able to target your job search to guarantee that your job offer will meet immigration requirements.  They will ensure that you make use of your full points potential by aligning your qualifications, work experience and New Zealand job offer.


So how many points can you score?

To start with, we recommend that you do a quick self-assessment

The points calculator on our self-assessment page will give you a good overview of the main criteria of the points system of the Skilled Migrant Category. 

Please note: A quick self-assessment can not replace a thorough evaluation by a professional adviser! 

"Over 50% of all self-assessments are incorrect, and clients overestimate the number of points they might be able to claim in their Expression of Interest.

To meet immigration requirements, your professional background - qualifications, work experience and a job offer - need to be aligned with each other very carefully. This is where most errors occur."  Dr Carsten Hallwass, Licensed Immigration Adviser. 

Our recommendation: If you are serious about migrating to New Zealand, do not take the risk of being rejected from the pool and get it right the first time!

Ask us for a Professional Assessment of your chances before submitting your Expression of Interest.

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