How does Covid-19 Affect your Visa?

What happens if you are already in New Zealand? 

Are you already in New Zealand on a temporary visa?

With current events unfolding related to COVID-19, most non-essential travel is being suspended and some countries are closing their borders. New Zealand is one of those countries, temporarily allowing only residents and citizens into the country.

But what happens if you are not a resident or citizen and currently already in New Zealand on a temporary visa?

You might ask yourself how you can ensure that you can remain in New Zealand when your temporary visa is about to expire.  

Almost 200,000 people in New Zealand have work, student, or visitor visas expiring in the next six months. This leaves them in a state of limbo: unsure of if they will be able to travel home with the changing travel restrictions, but also unsure whether they can legally stay in New Zealand until normality returns.

Immigration New Zealand will be assessing requests for a further visa on a case by case basis given current Coronavirus conditions. 

Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis by Immigration New Zealand for:

- humanitarian reasons

- health and other essential workers

- citizens of Samoa and Tonga for essential travel to New Zealand

- the holder of a visitor visa who is the partner or dependant of a temporary work or student visa holder and who normally lives in New Zealand and is currently in New Zealand.

Those with a valid New Zealand visa who think they may be eligible for an exception are asked to contact their airline or travel provider. The New Zealand Government’s epidemic management notice relating to immigration matters came into effect on Thursday 2 April 2020.

Further relevant information from Immigration New Zealand:

  • Travellers with a temporary (work, student, visitor, interim and limited) visa expiring before 1 April 2020 who are unable to leave New Zealand must apply online for a new visa. An interim visa will be issued.
  • Travellers with a temporary visa due to expire between 1 April and 9 July 2020 will have their visas extended to late September. Confirmation of extensions will be emailed to all visa holders.
  • All migrant workers, including RSE workers, are entitled to government funding if they fall sick or have to isolate themselves while working in New Zealand (from the start date of their contract). 

You can find out more about how Covid-19 affects your Visa here.

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If you hold a temporary visa that is set to expire soon and you are wanting to apply for a further visa to stay in New Zealand, we can help!, just complete our Free Assessment!


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