How much will you be able to earn?

How much will you be able to earn? Wages in New Zealand. 

The bottom line is that your income level will depend on how qualified you are, whether your skills are in demand and where in New Zealand you want to work. 

This is, of course, the same general rule that applies everywhere in the world.

The most recent data confirmed that IT had the highest paying jobs, with the top five dominated by IT careers: The highest-paid job is IT architect at an average annual salary of $135,000.

The lowest-paid were cafe, bar and kitchen staff at an average annual pay of $32,000.

Source: Trade Me Jobs, January 2019


Highest-paying jobs

Of the jobs advertised on the job website Trade Me, the following ones had the highest median salaries:

  • Information architects (IT) $135,000
  • IT Management $125,000
  • Cybersecurity specialists $115,000
  • Data warehousing and Business Intelligence (IT) $105,000
  • Construction project and contract management $105,000
  • Finance managers $105,000
  • IT Consultant $105,000
  • IT Programming and Development $95,000
  • Database experts $95,000
  • Quantity surveying $95,000
  • Surveying $95,000
  • Test analysts $95,000
  • Architects $85,000
  • Sales Managers $85,000
  • Commercial property management $85,000

Lowest-paying jobs

Of the jobs advertised on Trade Me, the following ones had the lowest median salaries:

  • Kitchen staff $32,000
  • Bar staff and baristas $32,000
  • Housekeeper $33,000
  • Tour guide $35,000
  • Waiting staff $35,000
  • Machine operation $36,000
  • Receptionist $36,000
  • Store-person, warehouse $36,000
  • Retail assistant $37,000
  • Security $37,000
  • Labourers $37,000
  • Cleaning $37,000
  • Warehouse and distribution $37,000
  • Administration $40,000
  • Horticulture worker $40,000



Highest-paying industries

  • Consultancy and strategy
  • Information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Engineering
  • Real estate and property
  • Banking and financial services.

Lowest-paying industries

  • Manufacturing and operations
  • Administration and office support
  • Retail sales
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Call centre and customer service
  • Transport and logistics.

Sources: Trade Me, 'Salary Survey'


Pay rates by category

CategoryMedian payRange
Accounting $65k $42k - $125k
Agriculture, fishing & forestry $50k $37k - $85k
Automotive $55k $37k - $85k
Banking, finance & insurance $65k $42k - $125k
Construction & architecture $65k $37k - $145k
Customer service $45k $37k - $65k
Education $55k $37k - $85k
Engineering $70k $42k - $125k
Executive & general management $85k $45k - $207k
Government & council $70k $40k - $145k
Healthcare $55k $40k - $85k
Hospitality & tourism $45k $35k - $63k
HR & recruitment $65k $45k - $125k
IT $100k $45k - $207k
Legal $65k $40k - $115k
Manufacturing & operations $47k $35k - $85k
Marketing, media & communications $65k $42k - $125k
Office & administration $50k $37k - $75k
Other $47k $35k - $105k
Property $75k $42k - $155k
Retail $42k $35k - $65k
Sales $60k $37k - $105k
Science & technology $55k $37k - $105k
Trades & services $55k $37k - $85k
Transport & logistics $50k $37k - $80k
Data provided by Trade Me.

The Legal Minimum Wage

Minimum wage rates must be paid to all employees whether full-time, part-time fixed-term, casual employees, working from home and people paid totally or partly by commission or piece rates.
The current hourly adult minimum wage rate (before tax) that applies for employees aged 16 and over is $18.90 per hour. 


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