What are the main job search challenges?

What are the main challenges for migrants during their job search in New Zealand? 

Finding a job in a new country is a huge challenge. 

Apart from the Catch 22 Dilemma - you do not have a visa when you start your job hunt - there are a number of other issues that will affect your job search.



Feedback from our Job Search Manager:

 "Difficulties our clients face during their job hunt are based on two main factors: 

  1. Migrants are not familiar with the New Zealand job market and New Zealand's business etiquette; and
  2. New Zealand employers do not fully understand and appreciate the professional  background from overseas job applicants and their own role in the visa application process."  


1. Some of the challenges resulting from being new to the New Zealand job market are

  • a lack of proven New Zealand work experience
  • a lack of professional networks and social capital
  • a lack of information and a good understanding of their specific industry in New Zealand 
  • a lack of recognition of international qualifications and/or the opportunities to upgrade
  • a lack of understanding of how to navigate the New Zealand employment process
  • a lack of New Zealand specific English language terminology
  • a lack of confidence in a new environment

The solution:

Our Job Search Professionals have the job market experience and the local knowledge to help you conquer this challenge.

They will support and coach you throughout this phase of unfamiliarity and open up the New Zealand employment market for you.


2. New Zealand employers are not sure what to expect when employing a candidate from overseas. 

The solution:

Our Job Search Professionals will transfer your qualifications and work experience into a format that is understood and appreciated in New Zealand. 

They will liaise with recruiters on your behalf and obtain feedback to improve and fine-tune your job applications for each job application.  

But the support you will receive from us does not end here:

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will support your New Zealand employer by advising them about their role in the visa application process and taking the hassle out of the formalities for them. 


Our powerful Service Fusion

When working with us on your job search in New Zealand, you will receive the full benefits of our unique and powerful Service Fusion: Job Search Support and Visa Assistance from under one umbrella!

You will experience what we mean when we say that we are taking the term Immigration Assistance to a whole new level!


Ask us to provide you with a Free Assessment to find out more about our Service Fusion. 


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