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Get Job Search Assistance and find a job in New Zealand!

To provide the best support possible for our clients we have developed our successful Job Search Program. It really works.

Our team of New Zealand based Job Search Professionals will work with you on maximising your potential on the New Zealand employment market and assist you with finding a job that matches your overseas skills and expertise.


So how are we going to boost your job search?

Our Job Search Team consists of highly experienced professionals who know the New Zealand job market and its key players inside and out. 

We have worked with migrant job seekers for many years and are familiar with the challenges new migrants face when trying to enter the New Zealand job market.  

Over the years we have established a wide range of contacts in the New Zealand employment industry and are well connected as a result. 

The job search process is challenging and can be frustrating and stressful at times, as so much will depend on its success.

Having access to our market knowledge and a supporting partner on the ground in New Zealand will make a huge difference for you. 


What exactly are our Job Search Professionals going to do for you?

The short answer is: Individual coaching is the key to the success of your job search in New Zealand!

We will not simply offer you a one size fits all pre-fabricated job searcher package deal, but provide you with effective, tailored and active Job Search Coaching, opening up the New Zealand job market for you.


Our Job Search Team will partner with you in a dynamic process that will empower you to maximise your professional potential and to find a job in New Zealand. 

We will not only give you general advice or a template for your CV and cover letter, but

  • actively build your profile to represent your professional skills in a format that is understood and appreciated in New Zealand;
  • make use of our constantly growing network of recruiters from all areas of work to connect you with the New Zealand employment market;
  • evaluate employer and recruiter feedback to optimise your job applications;
  • coach and support you during your entire job hunt in New Zealand, until you have found a job.

Find out more about our Job Search Coaching Program. 


By working with our Job Search Team, you will ensure that you

  • are fully prepared for your arrival in New Zealand
  • have a kick-start on arrival 
  • receive continued support throughout your job search.


A word of caution: You only get one chance to make a great first impression!

Some websites advise job seekers to send out as many job applications as they possibly can. We strongly disagree with that approach.

The New Zealand job market is comparably small and we strongly recommend, that, while it is a good idea to do as much market research as possible to identify key employers, you might want to refrain from sending out any job applications at all before you can be certain that you have a good chance of being successful.

It is quite likely that you only have one chance to present yourself to a specific employer of your choice and you want to make sure that you give it your best shot!

First impressions always count! Once your application has been rejected or ignored, it will get much harder to convince the same employer that you are indeed the best candidate for the job.

Another reason to be cautious: In our experience recruitment agencies will also not be interested in working with you, once you have sent out a number of job applications and are no longer new to the market.

Our Advice:

We advise you to work with our team right from the start.

We want your job application to stand out from competing applications!

Our Job Search Professionals will ensure that you make the most of your professional potential by presenting yourself in the best possible light. It is important that we work with you on transferring your skills into a format that is understood and appreciated in New Zealand before sending out any job applications.

Working with our Licensed Immigration Advisers will improve your chances! When approaching the job market, it is important to assure your potential employer right from the start, that - while you do not have a work visa yet - your visa application is in professional hands and will not cause any problems or delays for the employer.

Working with our team of Job Search Professionals and Licensed Immigration Advisers will put you in a strong position and vastly improve your chances of securing a job offer!


Does it help your job search if you have engaged a Licensed Immigration Adviser?


Your New Zealand employer will experience the hands-on support from both service divisions and will be assured that you are the best candidate for the job vacancy. 

Many of our successful job search clients have confirmed that the fact that they have enlisted the support of a Licensed Immigration Adviser made a huge difference.  

Most New Zealand employers are daunted by the thought of having to go through the visa application process with you.

From our experience recruiters and employers will be a lot more open to considering you as a serious job applicant if your visa matters are in professional hands!

And another reason why job applicants who work with a Licensed Immigration Adviser are preferred candidates:

Using a Licensed Immigration Adviser shows your commitment to finding a job in New Zealand and it makes the employment process a lot easier for your New Zealand employer. 


How will working with us save you money?

We believe that you will be able to fast track your job search considerably by engaging the expertise of our Job Search Team. 


A typical migrant concern:

"Hi Katrin, I am concerned about going to New Zealand with no work lined up, because I would burn through my reserves pretty fast. I would need the assurance of knowing that I am able to work and earn in the local currency." 


The timing of your job search is vital for your success:

Our Job Search Specialists provide a highly efficient service tailored specifically to your individual situation and your personal timing for your move to New Zealand.

Speeding up your process will not only save you money for hotels, travels to interviews etc, but it will also put you in a position to generate an income in New Zealand within the shortest time possible.



How our Job Search Program can help you beat the Catch22 or Hen and Egg dilemma. 

Throughout your job search our Job Search Professionals will liaise with employers and recruiters. But our support for you does not end here. There is yet another reason why our Job Search Program is so powerful:

Your Job Search Team will also liaise with our Licensed Immigration Advisers on an ongoing basis, to ensure that your job search is aligned with visa requirements at all times.

By aiming your job applications in the right direction and targeting the right roles, you will ultimately be able to find a job that can be your tool to obtain your visa. 

Find out more about how our unique Service Fusion of visa and job search assistance will help you overcome the Catch22 hurdle!



Feedback from our Job Search Clients:

"Hi Katrin, 

Thank you for all the effort that you and your team are putting into my dream.

I do not think that I was expecting all of this when I enrolled at first, but I am really excited and finally sure that the process ahead can only be 100% successful. Kind Regards, A.O."

"Hi Anna,
Wow, nice work on the CV, if this crossed my desk I would strongly consider hiring myself." 

"Dear Anna,  Wow!  You made my CV look incredible. Thank you!"

"Thanks Julia, my application for my Work Visa has been accepted within only 3 days!"

"The CV looks great, thank you. Exactly the same with the cover letter, it is perfect! 

I am very happy with it and feel that it represents me really well!"

"All the tips and advice that you have given us have been fantastic. It has really helped to ease any uncertainties." 

"Hey Katrin,Thanks for my CV and cover letter. The difference to a German CV is huge! :)"

"Hi Katrin, We made it!! Many thanks for your work and your advice. 

For sure you have made a difference for my perspective of the job search in New Zealand and I am glad you have been working  with me! 

Thank you for all the attention, for clarifying my doubts, the reports, the cover letter, supervising my CV and cheering me up from the very beginning! Cheers, Saul S."

"Thank you for your help in that journey! My job hunting has really been improved thanks to NZIC, and more specifically Katrin.

She was always by my side, giving me advice, working on my CV and Cover Letter and even correcting my English! 

And then, thanks Julia, my application for my Work Visa has been accepted within only 3 days!

The great work done before has surely helped to achieve this quick positive result. NZIC are really professional and know what to do, when to do it and how to do it… That is so convenient and efficient! I’m still working with them for the next steps and would like to thank them again for their help and support.

Thank you
Kind Regards, François B. IT Systems Engineer, France



Please note: We want you be to realistic about your move!

Can we guarantee you that you will find a job in New Zealand if you are using our Job Search Service? Of course not!  

The success of your job search will depend on how well we will be able to cooperate with you.

We will coach, connect and support you at all times throughout your job search, but we need your help to help you!



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