Reconnecting New Zealand to the world: The 4-Step Plan.

The four-step plan has the current situation as the first step, with an immediate response and targeted vaccinations.

The first step in our plan is speeding up the vaccination process to ensure everyone is at least partially vaccinated as soon as possible to reduce the risk and impact of Delta entering the country.

Eligibility will also open to all age groups earlier than had been planned.

50 plus will be open from Friday 13th August; 40+ will be open on Wednesday 18th August; 30+ will be open on Wednesday 25th August and from 1 September we will be open for all eligible ages.

The second step: Vaccinating the wider population and trialling the self-isolation scheme and other measures.
The third step will include introducing the individual risk-based border, with lockdowns less likely.
The fourth step will see vaccinated travellers eligible for quarantine-free travel after returning a negative test.

New Zealand Government
August 13, 2021

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