Changes have been made to the COVID-19 Support Restricted Temporary Entry Instructions to:

• allow entry of up to 300 Early Childhood and primary/secondary teachers (plus their partners and dependent children) under a class border exception

• allow for the entry of offshore partners and dependent children of onshore teachers

• increase the cap for replacement cargo crew servicing the Pacific from 200 to 550 places until 31 January 2022

• increase the cap for replacement international fishing crew for foreign-flagged fishing vessels operating in international waters from 50 persons to 160 persons every six months, and

• increase the Invitation to Apply (ITA) period for border exceptions from one to four months.

These instructions are effective on and after 12 July 2021.

Operational Policy, Enablement

Immigration New Zealand

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Operational Policy, EnablementImmigration New ZealandMinistry of Business, Innovation & Employment
July 12, 2021

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