Covid-19: 97 percent of eligible Aucklanders now fully vaccinated

Auckland is just 3 percent short of having 100 percent of its eligible population fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The latest figures which cover two days worth of reporting, show Canterbury and Capital and Coast DHBs are the next most vaccinated regions on 96 percent fully dosed.

Northland is the least vaccinated region on 85 percent followed by Tairawhiti on 87 and Rotorua on 88.

The Ministry of Health today reported 85 new community cases of Covid-19 and 64 cases at the border over the past two days.

The border cases come from 17 countries including the UK, Australia, Tanzania, Fiji, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

It brings the total number of border-related cases in quarantine to 227.

Epidemiologist Michael Baker has warned that MIQ is becoming swamped with Covid-19 and there is a high risk Omicron will get into the community.

Baker is among public health researchers who analysed border breaches in New Zealand and Australia last year.

He said every time there are 100 to 170 Covid-19 cases in MIQ, the virus leaks into the community.

Baker said New Zealand should be preparing for Omicron's arrival.

There have now been more than 11,000 cases since the current community outbreak began in August and 14,000 since the pandemic began.

Radio New Zealand, RNZ
January 9, 2022

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