Dual Citizenship

Can you have Dual Citizenship?

If you are a citizen of New Zealand, you are allowed to have dual or multiple citizenship.

You can have NZ citizenship and be a citizen of another country at the same time.


Please note: While New Zealand allows dual citizenship or multiple citizenship, some other countries don’t.

It is important that you check your country's rules, before applying for New Zealand citizenship. 

German citizens for example need to apply for a "Beibehaltungsgenehmigung" if they want to remain German citizens after obtaining New Zealand citizenship.  


Dual citizenship if you have a baby in NZ

If you give birth in New Zealand and you or the other parent is an NZ citizen or permanent resident, your baby is automatically an NZ citizen.

If you're from a country that allows dual citizenship, you can also apply to the other country for citizenship for your child.

If you're from a country that doesn't allow dual citizenship, your baby might not be able to give up their New Zealand citizenship to become a citizen of your home country until they turn 18.

If you want your baby to hold citizenship for your home country instead of NZ, you might need to travel home to give birth.

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