Business and Investor Visas: You want to run your own business or invest your funds

Do you want to run your own business or invest your funds in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a range of visa programs available for Entrepreneurs and Investors.

The main difference between the various options lies in the required investment level – the more you invest, the less further requirements you will have to meet.


The different types of Business and Investor Visas are:

  • Entrepreneur Work Visa & Entrepreneur Residence Visa
  • Investor Migration: Investor 1 Category and Investor 2 Category
  • Parent Retirement Category
  • Temporary Retirement Category


The Key Requirements at a Glance 

Will you qualify for a Business or Investor Visa? 

For a quick self-check compare New Zealand's visa programs for investors and business owners to find out which business or investor visa will be best suited for you. 



Investor Category 1


Investor Category 2


Entrepreneur Work & Residence Visas


Parent Retirement Category


Temporary Retirement

Good health




 Required Required

Good character




 Required Required

Investment funds

Minimum of NZ$ 10 millions for 3 years

Minimum of NZ$ 1.5 millions for 4 years

Minimum of NZ$ 100,000 - can be waived 

 Minimum of NZ$ 1 million NZ$ 750,000

Settlement funds

Not required

NZ$ 1.0 million

Sufficient Maintenance Funds for the first three years

 NZ$ 500,000 NZ$ 500,000

Maximum age

No requirements


No requirements

 No requirements Must be 66 years or older

Minimal English language

No requirements

IELTS level 3

IELTS level 4


 No requirements No requirements

Minimum time to be spent in NZ

44 days each year

146 days each year

Not required – but you have to be self employed in New Zealand on a full-time basis for 2 years to qualify for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa.


Not required Not required

Business Experience




 Not required Not required

Business Plan

Not required


Not required


Required - business must be innovative or have export or high growth potential

Not required Not required


Find out more about the different Business and Investor Visa Programs

If you want to run your own business you need a Business Visa: 

Entrepreneur Work Visa & Entrepreneur Residence Visas.

If you want to invest your funds an Investor Visa might be best suited:

Investor 1 Category and Investor 2 Category
Parent Retirement Category
Temporary Retirement Category

We will provide you with all the expert knowledge and support you will need. 

Dr. Carsten Hallwass, the business migration specialist at New Zealand Immigration Concepts, has worked with business and investor migrants for more than 20 years. He has the expertise to guide you through your Entrepreneur Visa application process.

New Zealand lawyers, business  and tax specialists will be at your side throughout the process if you require their assistance.

Ask our Business and Investor Migration Expert

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