Family Visas: Join your partner, parents or children

If you have Family in New Zealand – a partner, parent or child – you might qualify for a visa under New Zealand`s family stream policy.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers have processed Family applications since 1995 with a success rate of close to 100 %.


Key Benefits for Family Migrants

  • Direct path to Permanent Residence in New Zealand
  • No job offer required
  • No minimum points score required
  • No investment required for partner and dependent children and lower investment required for parents. 

Partnership based visas

If your partner is the holder of a New Zealand work or student visa you might be eligible for a work visa. This also applies if your partner has a work visa under Skilled Migrant or Business policies.


To apply for a partnership based visa you must

  • meet the lodgement requirements
  • be a bona fide applicant
  • meet health and character requirements
  • be living together in a genuine and stable relationship with a New Zealand partner. 

Your partner must

  • meet the minimum requirements for recognitions of partnerships and
  • meet specific character requirements for partners
  • be an eligible partner under residence family category policy
  • intend to be in New Zealand for the same period of time as you..

Visas for Dependent Children

The dependent child policy allows children to join their parents in New Zealand.

Applicants may qualifiy if they are up to 24 years old with no children of their own, single and totally reliant on their parents for financial support.
Inter-country adoption - If a New Zealand resident or citizen legally adopts a child overseas, they may apply on his or her behalf.

Visas for Parents 

Parents of New Zealand residents or citizens can migrate to New Zealand under the Parent Retirement Category or the Parent Tier 1 and Tier 2 Categories. All programs provide a pathway to Permanent Residence. Compare the criteria:


Parent Retirement Category

Parent Tier 1

Parent Tier 2

Good health




Good character




Investment funds

NZ $ 1.0 million for 4 years

No requirement

No requirement

Settlement funds

NZ $ 0.5 million

NZ $ 0.5 million or sponsor or lifelong income


Maximum age

No requirement


No requirement

No requirement

Minimal English language

No requirement

IELTS level 4 or ESOL purchase

IELTS level 4 or ESOL purchase


Processing times

6 months

6 months Expression of Interest queue

Up to seven years

Please note: The former Sibling and Adult Child policies are no longer available. 

Ask our Licensed Immigration Adviser

If you want to find out more about obtaining the right visa for New Zealand, contact Julia Cooke, Licensed Immigration Adviser at NZIC.

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Arohanui Princess H.