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The Tech Sector is rapidly growing in New Zealand, and there are many highly successful companies exporting their products to the world. The industry's expansion has been very rapid, and local businesses are struggling to find qualified staff. If you are an IT professional, New Zealand needs you!

New Zealand’s Information Technology products are of export quality

Our IT Sector is very diverse, from healthtech to fintech, geospatial, telecommunications, agricultural technology and more. If you are working in a growing IT field, there are likely to be suitable roles to be in New Zealand.

Like several New Zealand businesses across many industries, the IT Sector is highly innovative. With over 10% annual growth on average, the industry is looking to compete worldwide with exports of billions of dollars.

Our IT companies are becoming well known internationally, and their future potential is significant.

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New Zealand needs IT professionals

The growing digitalisation of the business environment is boosting NZ's Information Technology Sector growth at record levels. Job opportunities in the industry include a wide range of areas, from development to design, marketing to sales.

New Zealand has over 11,000 IT businesses driving our countries new technological revolution. With over 75,000 professionals working in different industry roles.

As it is happening in many OECD countries around the world, computer systems, gaming, business systems and data analysis are the strongest growing subsections within the industry. Salaries for IT professionals are higher than the average in New Zealand, with many roles being twice as much.

New Zealand’s IT businesses are expanding fast, and more and more new organisations are joining the trend. However, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has reported that local firms are struggling to be able to fill positions more than any other sector. This can be a challenge for employers, but it translates into an excellent opportunity for migrants with expertise in the industry.

Job and Visa opportunities

If you are looking to start a new stage in your life in New Zealand, you might be aware of the Skills Shortage Lists. These state the specific types of professionals that Immigration New Zealand recognise are in high demand for employers, and the local employment market is unable to fulfil. In short, if your qualification and work experience are in one of the three lists, you are more likely to obtain a job offer, which is crucial in order to be able to secure your work or resident visa.

Besides the significant boost in your chances of finding suitable employment in New Zealand, being on the Skills Shortage Lists is a guarantee of faster and more efficient visa processing times, another important consideration when migrating to a new country.

There are a good number of IT roles included on the Skill Shortage Lists. Some of them are:

  • IT Manager
  • Developer (Software and Web)
  • Systems Administrator
  • IT Architect
  • UX and IU Designer
  • Test Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Data Analyst

New Zealand’s IT sector’s growth means that besides having plenty of opportunities in the biggest cities (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch), smaller towns which potentially offer a more relaxed lifestyle are also an option for migrants.

If you are looking to migrate to New Zealand, ask our Licensed Immigration Adviser for a Free Assessment on your migration options.

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