Work as a Civil or Structural Engineer in New Zealand

High demand in New Zealand’s Construction Sector means more work for engineers. The next ten years will see more commercial buildings, and thousands of homes to be built in Christchurch and Auckland. These are great opportunities for overseas engineers looking to relocate to New Zealand.

Civil and Structural Engineers Wanted

There are many factors contributing to the high demand for civil and structural engineers in New Zealand:

  • New Zealand’s housing and commercial construction boom;
  • Increased government investment in infrastructure such as roads, water collection and wastewater management
  • Public building strengthening
  • High population growth, creating greater demand for new housing
  • Higher demand for new power-generating equipment and stations

The coming years are full of opportunities for experienced civil and structural engineers looking to come to New Zealand short-term on a work visa, or long-term on a residence visa.

Structural and Civil Engineers on the Skill Shortage Lists

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has included structural and civil engineers on the skill shortage lists, as demand in this sector surpasses the local supply of workers.

The lists recognise the need for overseas professionals in different areas of the economy and provide more benefits to applicants, such as easier recruitment, and faster visa processing.

If you are aiming for a visa based on your work experience and qualifications, you will almost certainly need to secure a job offer from a New Zealand employer before being able to get your visa. These requirements apply for most applicants under the Essential Skills and Skilled Migrant Categories

If you are looking to migrate to New Zealand, ask our Licensed Immigration Adviser for a Free Assessment on your migration options.

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