Work as a Construction Manager in New Zealand

New Zealand’s economic growth is full of opportunities for experienced professionals, especially in the booming the New Zealand construction industry, where there is a skill shortage. This scenario is opportune for overseas construction managers looking to relocate their career to New Zealand.

New Zealand needs Construction Managers

There is a high demand for building and construction managers due to:

  • New Zealand’s construction boom
  • Building work needed to upgrade leaky homes and earthquake-prone buildings
  • The Government’s plans to invest over $12 billion on transport and infrastructure from 2020 to 2026

In a world of economic uncertainty, New Zealand is committed to boosting its construction sector to generate thousands of jobs and upgrade the country’s infrastructure, assuring an even stronger position.

Construction Managers on the Skill Shortage Lists

Construction Managers with experience in building, roading and infrastructure are in high demand. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment have included construction project manager, project builder and site foreman to New Zealand’s Skill Shortage Lists.

The three Skills Shortage Lists showcase the specific professionals needed, based on local gaps and demand. Most professions appear in only one list. However, construction managers are currently on the three of them (Construction & Infrastructure, Long Term and Regional lists). This emphasises the great need to fill these roles in New Zealand.

The lists recognise the need for overseas professionals in different areas of the economy and provide more benefits to applicants, such as easier recruitment, and faster visa processing.

Where do Construction Managers work in New Zealand?

Most building and construction managers work for medium to large building and construction companies engaged in commercial construction. They are also employed by construction companies working on infrastructure projects and large residential projects such as apartment complexes.

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