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Moreblessings Siziba
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Learning & Development Specialist
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Learning & Development Specialist

About our Client

Adaptable and self-motivated Learning and Development Specialist with a focus on the creation of course blueprints, mapping content to learning objectives and developing course outlines. Confident communicator experienced in coordinating projects and working collaboratively. Strong focus on aligning work activities to accomplish goals with ability to manage relationships across a large organisation and manage processes. In depth knowledge of the digitisation of education gained through working with Google as a digital skills partner. Qualified with a Master’s in Social Science and a BCom in Marketing.


Key Competencies

• Coaching: as a Google digital skills partner, I recruited, on-boarded, and coached facilitators and photographers on how to perform their duties to ensure the program's success.

• Documentation writing: As learning and content developer for a university of technology, I created curriculum, and as an APCI director, wrote letters to stakeholders and proposals to sponsors, specifically Google.

• Research and Analysis; as a university researcher collected data and wrote policy briefs and published papers

• Project management: As APCI director, organized and managed programs for a Digital Skills program

Career Highlights

• Increased APCI's revenue twice by working as Google Digital Skills Partner. This new vertical service was designed tomake the best use of internal resources

• Trained, inducted, on-boarded, and coached new Google digital skills program staff members from four countries:South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe

• Participated in team projects by planning and overseeing training sessions that helped 2500 young people gain digital job-searching skills within 5 months

• Received the 2018 Standard Bank TOP KZN Woman Award for presenting the best business plan

• Introduced the use of the IDEFO [Integration Definition for Process Modelling] system for events planning at APCI to facilitate the smooth running of training workshops.

Exceeded the university's pass rate target of 75%, achieving 85% or higher in all the modules I taught

• Served as a research supervisor for postgraduate student who excelled and received a prestigious master’s degree National Research Fund scholarship

• Wrote policy brief on entrepreneurship and delivered it to the Deputy Vice Chancellor's office to demonstrate how to create an entrepreneurial university

Professional Experience

Learning Content Developer

April- July 2022

SMME Incubation Hub, Entrepreneurship Incubator

• Developed learning content for upcoming entrepreneurs

• Conducted research on module topics and developed course outlines, objectives and learning outcomes


Learning Content Writer

April – Dec 2021

Business Colleges

• Developed learning content for marketing students (study guide including videos, graphics, and text content)

• Conducted quality assurance during programme development process at specified intervals to meet specifications

• Developed online formative and summative assessments


University Lecturer

Oct 2016 – Dec 2020

• Taught and developed curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate marketing courses

• Development, administration, marking and moderation of examinations and continuous assessments

• Research supervision for postgraduate students and monitored student progress

• Developed, implemented and maintained processes and systems to ensure quality of programmes are submitted for accreditation and areas related to Higher Education Accreditation Department

• On-boarded and supervised tutors appointed for my modules

• Provided additional educational support to at risk students

• Supervised postgraduate research students; thus, upskilling them in technical writing and oral presentation

• Conducted anEntrepreneurship research project on behalf of the University Centre, and produced a policy briefing



July 2015 – Dec 2020

Psychology Community Initiatives Pty (Innovation hub)

• This is my own registered company which I founded with one other Director in 2015

Overview: Managed Google Digital Skills Programme and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Schools Initiative Programme

• Organised and facilitated corporate seminars and high school/university training workshops

• Managed stakeholders; created positive relationships with corporate executives, university, academics, and principals

• Accountable for all routine operation tasks- enrolling, onboarding, upskilling, monitoring, and evaluating the performance of program facilitators and other vendors including photographers and ushers

• Allocated resources and administered asset storage- assigning relevant equipment, finance budget and human resources required for events

• Reported and presented event outcomes to sponsors


Prior to 2015 I was employed as a Researcher conducting qualitative and quantitative research


• Master’s degree in Development Studies (Social Science)

• Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree (Marketing)



Technical Skills

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