How can you find an Accredited Employer?

How can you find an Accredited Employer and what does that mean for you? 

If you can get a job offer from an accredited employer the visa application process will be a lot easier. 


View the Accredited Employers List

Immigration publishes a list of Accredited Employers on their website.

The list currently contains 604 accredited employers. It shows the name of their organisation, industry and website domains and has a search function to make it easier for you to find an accredited employer. 

To find an accredited employer in your area of expertise visit the INZ website: Accredited Employers List. 


Do you want to work for an Accredited Employer?

Ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers how you can apply for the right visa that allows you to work for an Accredited Employer.


Are you a New Zealand employer looking for skilled migrants?

If you are a New Zealand employer wanting to attract skilled professionals from overseas, ask us how we can help you become an Accredited Employer. 




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