Our Job Search Program

Get powerful Coaching and Support for your job search in New Zealand!

Our Job Search Program

Our Job Search Program

Finding a job will most likely be one of the most important stepping stones on your pathway to New Zealand, but looking for employment in a new country is a daunting task.


The solution: Our Job Search Program!

To provide the best support possible for our clients we have developed our successful Job Search Program.

We will not simply offer you a one size fits all pre-fabricated job searcher package deal, but provide you with effective, tailored and active coaching:


Our team of New Zealand based Job Search Professionals will work with you on maximising your potential on the New Zealand employment market and efficiently assist you with finding a job that matches your skills and expertise.


9 out of 10 of our job search clients successfully secure a job in New Zealand!



How are we going to boost your job search?

Our Job Search Professionals will partner with you in a creative process that will empower you to maximize your professional potential and find a job in New Zealand. 

Our Job Search Professionals will work with you throughout your entire job search process.

They will

  • prepare you for the New Zealand job market; 
  • provide ongoing support and coaching;
  • liaise with your New Zealand employer;
  • liaise with and our Licensed Immigration Advisers to facilitate your work visa.



 Our Job Search Professionals will provide you with 

  • a well developed job search strategy
  • a tailored CV(resume) in New Zealand format - definitely no templates! 
  • a cover letter that can be fine tuned for each application for maximum impact
  • local knowledge of the employment market
  • knowledge of business etiquette
  • interview tips (recommended reading: The 28 best interview replies!)
  • tactics for accessing the Hidden Job Market

But our support for you does not end here. Another reason why our Job Search Program is so powerful: 

Our unique Service Fusion of visa and job search assistance will help you overcome the Catch22 hurdle!


Please note: We want you be to realistic about your move!

Of course not.  

The success of your job search will depend on how well we will be able to cooperate with you. We need your help to help you.


Why working with us will save you money:

A typical migrant concern:

"Hi Katrin, I am concerned about going to New Zealand with no work lined up, because I would burn through my reserves pretty fast. I would need the assurance of knowing that I am able to work and earn in the local currency. "


The solution: Our Job Search Program will speed up your job search. 

Our Job Search Team will work on getting you through your job hunt as smoothly as possible, starting by getting you ready long before you even arrive in New Zealand. 

Building a solid base for your arrival will enable you to hit the ground running and save a lot of time usually necessary for finding your feet in a new environment.  Our continued support will then give you a further powerful boost for your job hunt, allowing you to get results faster and speed up your job search process. 

This will not only save you money for hotels, travels to interviews etc, but it will also put you in a position to generate an income in New Zealand within the shortest time possible. 


Client feedback:

"I really like the fact that half is charged only after the job has been secured, this shows me how confident you are with your process."

More feedback from happy clients: Read what our clients say about us. 


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Ask our Job Search Professionals

If you want to find out more about finding a job in New Zealand, contact Katrin Schottke, Job Search Manager at NZIC.

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