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What to Do Before you Hit 'Apply'

The Pre-application Process

  1. If it is an online application rather than an email application check where the apply now button goes, as there may be more to prepare or it may change how you prepare  (may go to the website, provide role description, and/or advice)
  2. Research the organisation (OSPRI)and think about why you'd want to work there, and include this in your cover letter. Remember: employers are looking for 2 things: that you can DO the job, and that you FIT the role and organisation. Good to do this before 3. below, as you may be asked questions...
  3. Call the organisation whether there's a contact name or not.  Ask for the ‘contact name ‘in the first instance but if there isn’t a name you can call the company, ask for whoever is recruiting for the role(  ie hiring manager/recruiter ) If you have no luck with calling you could potentially email instead. Making contact means they are more likely to consider your application as its shows your interest and keeps your name front of mind when they are reviewing applications

The impression you leave must be professional, friendly, and efficient. You want to create a positive impact, so they look out for your application. NZ’ers are friendly and appreciate modesty, so when it comes to selling ourselves it's evidence-based and is reliant upon building rapport with everyone you encounter. Including whoever answers the phone even if they aren’t able to give you the info you need or pass you on to the person you want to speak to.

Potential Questions to ask:

  • Closing date for applications, if you don't have it (ie not on the advert)
  • Is there a position description available if there isn’t a link to one in the advert (to help you develop your CV/cover letter - so many more clues as to what the job entails!
  • Has the role been vacated or is it a newly created role? It’s great to understand context.
  • Who should you address your application to - if its them you can thank them for the conversation at the beginning of your CL. Make sure you get the correct name spelling/role title.
    AND: you can Google research the name they give you online (LinkedIn, etc) and do some research on them so you understand who you're writing to and can nuance
  • Ask if there is anything else not outlined in the job ad that might be important from their perspective
  • Find out what the process is after applying ie if and when people are likely to be contacted (timeline)

Be gracious, grateful and respectful… consider how you would like to be treated if you were them, and what impression you would like to leave them with about you.