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What is an Elevator Pitch and How do you Write One?

What’s a good elevator pitch? It’s the one that gets attention. Makes people genuinely interested in you. Lands you the job of your dreams or helps build a lasting relationship with an employer.

Anxious you won’t be able to deliver a good one yourself? Most people are but don’t worry.


What Is an Elevator Pitch?

An Elevator pitch (also known as an elevator speech) is a short, persuasive speech you use to introduce yourself, your product, or your company. Its purpose is to explain the concept quickly and clearly to spark interest in who you are and what you do.

An elevator pitch should be 30-seconds long at maximum: short enough to get your message across any time and anywhere—even during a quick elevator ride (hence the name).

Simply put—

It’s an answer you give to the good ‘ol “So… What do you do?” question:

A short-and-sweet message.


How to Make an Elevator Pitch: Step-by-step Guidelines

The elevator speech you need for job interviews is, in essence, the answer to the “tell me about yourself” interview question.

  1. Open with a very brief introduction to your professional persona.
  2. Don’t just tell them what you do. Highlight how well you can do it. Use the PAR (Problem—Action—Result) formula.
  3. Identify their challenges. In your elevator pitch, make an offer to solve them.


I’m a Project Manager with 10+ years of experience in major state hospitals. I’m skilled in Kanban, Scrum, and Agile methodologies. And I have a proven record of delivering projects on time and within budget.


I’m a Senior Project Manager with a creative attitude to problem-solving [Professional Persona]. In my current position as Chief of Project Management at Seton Hospital, my recent challenge has been the reduction of stockroom waste [Problem]. I introduced a new Kanban system and designed Lean training programs [Action] to be carried out across all departments. We managed to cut stockroom waste by 65% which, ultimately, slashed monthly costs by a quarter [Result]. I know cost-saving solutions for the infant ward are among your key priorities. I’m sure I can use my expertise to achieve great results with this initiative [Your offer].


Here are a few more examples that will get you inspired; these are some sample elevator pitches from various professionals.

Digital Marketing Elevator Pitch at a Job Interview

As a Digital Marketing Manager at XYZ, I coordinate all stages of creating audiovisual marketing materials: from the concept to execution, to promotion. At the beginning of last year, I got a list of 15 campaigns and a set budget for all of them. Together with our Technology Department, we came up with a strategy of cross-departmental communications calibrating the tech solutions with all team’s talents to cut redundant costs and increase efficiency. Under my leadership, we completed all 15 projects on time and over 10% below budget. By the end of the year, sales from all campaigns contributed to increasing revenue by 48%.


Customer Service Representative Elevator Pitch at a Job Interview

I’m a Customer Service Representative who works with one mission in mind only: to maximize business opportunities by connecting every customer with personal support at every step of their life journey. In my current position, I’ve planned and supervised online and phone surveys prior to the redesign of our home page. The product we’ve created resulted in a boost of the mean NPS from 7.9 to 8.6. My goal is to translate that expertise into sky-high customer happiness scores for your company.