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Should You Visit for your Job Search?

A well-planned visit to NZ can help your chances in securing a job offer.

We at NZIC believe that a well - planned visit to NZ is a wonderful way to raise your profile and increase your chances of a job offer in a shorter time. We believe you can connect with people in NZ before you arrive so that you can follow these up these new connections in-person once you are here. 

Once you have a definite date of arrival in NZ you can start to request short meetings (informational interviews) with potential employers or professional peers, using the template letters we have sent you.  This will mean you have at least a few appointments lined up before you arrive in NZ. (This is an effective job search strategy in addition to any job interviews you may have as a result of an online job advertisement).

Based on experience to-date, things do move more easily once people are here, and many clients who decided to come to NZ in this way, have managed to find more job leads when they are here in-person. 

The success of a visit depends on many factors and variables once you’re here (e.g. how long you plan to visit NZ; the research and connections you make before you arrive; how active you are; what the market is like for the exact roles you seek; how you connect with people, as well as quite a bit of good luck/timing, not to mention resilience.

Remember, you can access names of people from company websites and LinkedIn company profiles. Most companies will have a standard email format for staff email addresses. Alternatively, write to key people using their LinkedIn addresses – but be aware that some people are not regular users of LinkedIn, so it may take longer to get a reply and the length of your message may be restricted depending on your LinkedIn package.