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Moving Checklist

18 months to go
  • Plan a visit to New Zealand to investigate the country. Make sure you pay Nelson a visit; we’d love to meet you. If this is not an option, contact us or start researching the web.
  • If you are interested in buying or renting a house, we can refer you to professional services. is a great start for your research.
  • Decide, when you will tell friends and family. Older children sometimes need a bit of time to get used to the idea. If you have children, involve them from the beginning.
  • Take a look at your finances and find out how much it will cost to immigrate to New Zealand. Pay off as much debt as possible and have a general tidy-up of your financial affairs.
  • Investigate what type of visa you and your family will need by discussing your options with our licensed immigration adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass who will help you through the process.
12 months to go
  • Check your passports. They need to be valid for at least two years before they are due to expire
  • Collect all your personal papers, including driver’s licenses, birth, marriage and adoption certificates, references for employment and qualifications, evidence of qualifications, etc. Please refer to the document list we have sent to you at the beginning of the process.
  • Find out what you need to do to ship your pets, start tests and vaccinations as necessary.
  • Start taking note of the NZ Dollar exchange rate – you can really benefit by planning early.
6 months to go
  • Start updating your CV and preparing for your job search in New Zealand by contacting your Employment Adviser
  • Check average selling periods and put your own house on the market, or alternatively rent it out and get information on the tax exemption for new transitional residents
  • Inform schools that your child will be moving to give them time and help them adjust. Ask for copies of any relevant records.
  • Look into booking your flights as your plans firm up. Get travel insurance once your flights are booked.
  • Look into transferring your pension to New Zealand. We can refer you to specialist advisers.
  • Contact a removal company for quotes for moving personal effects and furniture.
  • Research schools in New Zealand and review prospective schools’ websites
  • Open a New Zealand bank account. We can put you in touch with the migrant team at ANZ Bank for example.
  • Request credit references from your bank/lending institute.
  • Check your terms of employment with your current employer, and prepare to give the right
    amount of notice.
  • Find temporary accommodation to bridge the gap between selling your house and leaving.
  • Look into setting up a New Zealand family trust, or pre-migration trust. We recommend to talk to a lawyer to discuss your options.
2 months to go
  • Plan your medicals and apply for police checks for visas. Your Immigration Adviser will let you know which documents are needed at what time. Police Certificates expire after 6 months, Medical expire after 3 months, don’t apply for them too early.
  • Book temporary accommodation in New Zealand.
  • Research cost of living in New Zealand.
  • Familiarize yourself with the New Zealand tax system
  • Sell any unwanted furniture or belongings.
  • Give formal notice to your current employer.
  • Register your children at their new schools in New Zealand.
  • Book your pet’s kennel accommodation in New Zealand.
  • Give notice to your landlord if necessary.
  • Book a hire car for your first few weeks in New Zealand or look into buying a car.
1 month to go
  • Start packing any non-essential items.
  • Give a forwarding address to all official contacts including your bank, passport office, Vehicle Licensing Office and accountants.
  • Cancel accounts for TV, Internet, phone and insurance.
  • Bring all your utilities and taxes up-to-date.
  • Let your doctor and dentist know that you are emigrating. Get adequate supplies of any
    prescription drugs you are using. It is definitely worth getting a detailed record of your children’s
    immunizations, which should be in their health record book.
  • Give away or sell any remaining personal effects.
  • Pay off any outstanding debts.
  • Get your mobile phone unlocked if you can & check out NZ mobile phone providers
  • Arrange for your post to be redirected.
  • Transfer your funds with a foreign exchange specialist
  • Confirm bookings with travel agents and your moving company.
  • Cancel direct debits coming from your account.
  • Ask for a copy of your no claims bonus form from your insurance agency.
1 week to go
  • Cancel your car insurance
  • Wind down the goodbye parties, leaving you with a bit of breathing space.
  • Finalize packing and ensure your possessions are ready to be sent.
  • Organize transport to the airport, leaving plenty of time.
  • Sell your car.
  • Cancel car insurance.
  • Change money into New Zealand dollars for spending when you first arrive.
  • Arrange little treats for children to keep them entertained on the flight.
1 day to go
  • Confirm transport to airport.
  • Double check your hand luggage has everything you need, including all your travel documents.
  • Get excited!
You’re here - welcome to New Zealand!
  • Pick up your rental car and get settled into your accommodation.
  • The worst of your jetlag should be over with in about three days – take it easy.
  • You’ll need to let everyone know that you have arrived safely – internet access is widely available at libraries and internet cafes if you haven't setup your phone yet
  • Open a bank account if you haven’t already.
  • Apply for an IRD (tax identification) number at Inland Revenue NZ.
  • Get your children settled into school.
  • Buy a car, and arrange car insurance. Don’t forget to check out the road rules in NZ!
  • Register with a local doctor.
  • Ask around about local dentists.
  • Stay in touch with us, we can answer any questions you may have in the beginning.
  • Start looking around for longer-term accommodation – it is usually best to rent for a few months while you look around.
  • Review your insurance needs – medical, life and income insurance, as well as car and house andcontents cover.
  • Make the most of every opportunity to meet new people and try new things.
  • Register to vote.
  • Apply for NZ Driving License.