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How to Find Employers in NZ

The following material will go through the process of how you would build a list of New Zealand Employers to reach out to for your Job Search. Hopefully this documents sparks great ideas just in case you feel stuck and are running out of employers to reach out to.

Our goal is to show you creative and out of the box thinking approach when researching for employers in NZ. This is NOT to say that this is the only or the best way to find employers. You are the experts of your field so you would still have a better view of where and how to find employers you’d like to work for.

Without further ado, here are a couple of ideas to try.

Note: You might need to flick around from one website to the other to build the bigger picture.

Start your search with google maps

Make sure you are honed in to a city or town in NZ. You can do your search per town. This gives you time to learn more about the place as well. Do a bit of virtual sight seeing. So let’s take for example Wellington.

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Once you are honed in a city, I start typing keywords like… “IT companies” or “ICT solutions”. This is where you get creative and start building keywords. Remember to use different keywords commonly used to identify your industry.

Once you hit enter, its going to show you a list of companies related to your keywords, and that search is already a list to go through. This list will show you the company website, phone numbers and email addresses.

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Identifying which industry to work for

For some roles such as HR, IT or Finance, you may have the ability to move from one industry to the other (e.g. Tourism Industry to Transportation Industry). In cases as such, if you are not finding companies to work with, maybe looking at a different industry of interest would be a good option for you to explore.

The challenge here is obviously to find an industry that is doing well in the market. If the industry is doing well then it means there’s growth, where there’s growth there are jobs. Where do you find this information? We’ll break it down to two techniques. Simple and Complex.

The Simple Technique

  • Go to
  • In the landing page, without typing anything in the “keywords” field, click on the dropdown box that says “Any Classification”. From this list, the number to the right of the industry indicates the number of jobs listed. This will now be your indicator of which industries are doing well and which are not.
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This is reliable information. Remember that SEEK is a paid service. It costs around $200 NZD to $400 NZD per job advert.

From simple extrapolation, this snapshot gives us a status of the current job market. The more jobs listed can then mean that the industry is growing.

An ere of caution: Since this is just a simple extrapolation of data and basic assumptions were made, this cannot guarantee future growth or the status of the job market in few months time. As experts in your field, you should be the best judge of which industry you’d like to work for. Do proper due diligence.

The Complex Technique

Go to STATS New Zealand’s website. This is the government agency responsible for our census data. This includes statistics about the Labour Market. Using this website allows you to look at Business Employment data, household labour force and unemployment rates.

From here you’d be able to download CSV (Microsoft Excel) data that you can do further analysis (this might need you to apply graph and charting skills). If you’re not able to do this, the website gives you basic tools and pre-populated charts for you to look at.

If you want to get an in depth analysis of the industry you are working at or an industry that you’d like to work for. The statistics generated in this website gives you a much deeper insight.

New Zealand Business Numbers

So let’s say you have the name a New Zealand company and you want to get two things. One, you want to understand if it’s a legitimate business (avoiding scams) and Two, you want to get contact details. (Address, Phone number and emails) – please note this can only work if the business decides to make this public. Larger organisations tends to make these information publicly known for transparency.

  • Every business in New Zealand has what we call a New Zealand Business Numbers (NZBN) and these are available to the public and can be accessed online.
  • Not only you’d be able to review if the company’s legitimate, you also be able to see phone numbers, email and office address. Only if the business had made this public.
  • Just note that the email address noted here might not exactly be someone internal, most of the companies are represented by their third party accountant or lawyer in their business registration. 

Reverse Engineering an Email Address

Learning company’s email addresses can help you reverse engineer how email addresses are generated in a company. For example you are trying to find an email address for a “Mark Beltran” but there had been none advertised online. The only detail you were able to gather is that Mark works for New Zealand Immigration Concepts.

  • Using multiple websites (Like NZBN) shows that there’s an email address for Anna Fyfe in the registration page. You then learn that Anna’s email is
  • Analysing this, we learn that the email address is generated using Anna’s initials (AF). Using the same analogy we can then guess that Mark’s email would be

Forums and other webpages of interest

Sometimes when you’re running out of ideas, visiting other websites other than job boards can help you find your next employer, who knows you might even discover an opportunity that has not been advertised in any job board. Online forums and other websites related to your field of interest might help you learn more about a New Zealand Business. I’ve listed down a few forums and websites, but given you are the experts of your industry, you should be able to look for other sources specific to your industry.

Events and Conferences

Finding online events to attend to might be a good avenue for you to not only learn about your chosen field of interest but to also give you an idea that is within your chosen industry. Each industry would have different websites where they post their event but generally we find most events posted here on these websites.

NZ News Hubs

This can also help you build a list of employers or businesses to look at. Just remember to go through a trusted media source. There are a lot of news online that are “sensationalise” and may not necessarily give you the right context for your research. Here are a few of our trusted News hub.