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How to Create a Basic Elevator Pitch

This can be tailored to a role or organisation in an application or for a particular conversation. It can be used to answer the open question in an interview ie. tell us about yourself.  

It can also as a foundation for the about me on Linkedin,  in a CV, in your cover letter, and in online recruitment questionnaires,  and  it is how you can introduce yourself when networking  or undergoing informational interviews 

Know what makes you special

Building a pitch can be a powerful way to make an impression. A personal pitch/value proposition is what you communicate to prospective employers, colleagues and industry peers. It’s the essence of what people recall when they think of you.  Being authentic and confident in what makes you special is key. That doesn’t mean being arrogant or disingenuous, but it’s important to foreground your unique strengths to an employer and communicate that believe you can bring value to a role.

A pitch or  sometimes referred to as a brand statement  or your value proposition  has three distinct elements;

  • First is, where I've come from and the strengths, skills, and attributes I have developed. Where you started in the industry, what you’ve done over the past 8 years, WHY you do what you do and how you have developed over that time ie the skills and experience you have to offer. 
  • Middle, why I'm now looking(  the shortest part) ie my family and I have now decided that we would like to move to NZ  and why you have made that decision.
  • The final part is,  what I’m looking for, and where is it I'm trying to get to (the longer term as well as the immediate goal). Ie.  We are quite keen to live and work near … because …, so I’m looking for a senior … role in a mid to large-size company that can offer a variety of complex projects for me to get stuck into and apply my… skills (name a couple soft and technical )  and experience to.