Our Services and Fees

Our Services and Fees 

Visa Assistance – Integrated Job Search Program – Business Migration: We will be here for you, every step of the way! 

At New Zealand Immigration Concepts we provide a full range of services for migrants to New Zealand. Together they form a powerful service fusion. 


Success orientated Visa Assistance

The visa application process is complex. 

Choosing the right visa type and submitting a perfect visa application is vital for the success of your visa process and liaising with Immigration New Zealand and other authorities involved in your process can be daunting.  

Many of our clients have confirmed that they would have found it difficult to navigate this process without expert assistance. 

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will listen to your plans for New Zealand and help you decide which pathway to choose for your migration: a Skilled Migrant visa, a Business visa or a Family based visa. 

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will manage your visa application process and take care of all visa related formalities for you from start to finish.

They will prepare and lodge your visa applications in the best possible manner and liaise with Immigration New Zealand, as well as your New Zealand employer,  on your behalf to reduce your stress levels and ensure a successful outcome for you.


Expert Business and Investor Migration Assistance 

Dr. Carsten Hallwass, the Business and Investor Migration specialist in our team, has over 20 years of experience with advising business and investor migrants.

Dr. Hallwass has a sound knowledge of the New Zealand business place as well as business and investor visa policies.

He has pulled together a network of professionals who understand migrants' requirements and will be there for you if, and when you require assistance with business, legal or taxation advice and many other aspects of settling in New Zealand.

Dr. Carsten Hallwass will work with you on your Business or Investor Visa application and guide you through the multidimensional process of migrating as a business owner or investor. 


Our advisers are fully licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, IAA. 

  • Dr. Carsten Hallwass is specialising in Business and Investor migration
  • Julia Cooke has many years of experience in Skilled Migration and Family visas.


Powerful Job Search Support and Coaching 

Our Job Search Program provides our clients with the deciding boost when looking for skilled employment in New Zealand!

This program has been developed constantly over the past 10 years and we are now providing comprehensive and targeted individual job search assistance for immigrants to New Zealand from start to finish.

We will not only provide you with some general advice or a template for your CV and cover letter, but actively build your profile to represent your professional skills in the best light possible. 

But our support does not end there: Our team of Job Search Professionals will go the extra mile for you by coaching and supporting you during your entire job search journey and evaluating employer and recruiter feedback to optimise the active phase of your job hunt in New Zealand.


Our unique and powerful Service Fusion

We offer you a unique and powerful level of migration support.   

Our Visa Service and our Job Search Program are forming a powerful fusion of services, the most efficient support you can find for your migration to New Zealand!

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers work hand in hand with our in-house Job Search Professionals on a daily basis, here in our office in New Zealand. 

Your Job Search Team  will liaise with your Licensed Immigration Adviser throughout your process to ensure that your job search is aligned with your visa application at all times.

Your New Zealand employer will experience the support from our entire team and can be convinced that you are the best candidate for the job vacancy. 


 We go the extra mile for you. It works for our clients!



Our fees are a sound investment into your future.

You can maximise your chances for a successful outcome and avoid expensive mistakes by acquiring the services of our Licensed Immigration Advisers and Employment and Business Specialists. 

Peace of mind and smooth process

Not only will you have peace of mind, knowing that your immigration process is in capable hands and that you have a strong support team working alongside you, but you will also speed up the process considerably. 

Migrant quote: 'Once I arrive in New Zealand every day will count for me and will be eating into my savings, so I need to make sure that I can start working as soon as possible. '

Working with us will save you time, nerves and money and give you a real head start, ensuring that you do not have to use up your savings while trying to establish yourself in New Zealand. 

By the time you arrive in New Zealand together we will have built a solid base for your new life in our country and you will be in a strong position to truly hit the ground running.


Success orientated fee structure

A significant part of our fees are contingent upon success. They become due as your migration process progresses and only if the previous step of the process has been concluded successfully. 


Payment plan

We can accommodate your personal circumstances and set up a payment plan to suit your budget.


Our promise to you:

We will be here for you, every step of the way!

We only work with clients who have been carefully pre-approved by our Licensed Immigration Advisers as well as our Job Search Professionals.  

To prove our commitment to your success our fees are vastly success based!


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