Entrepreneur Work & Entrepreneur Residence Visa

If you want to run your own business in New Zealand you will have to apply for an Entrepreneur Visa. Your way to residency will be in two steps.

Entrepreneur Work & Entrepreneur Residence Visa

Step One: The Entrepreneur Work Visa

If you want to apply for an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you will have to

prepare and lodge your Entrepreneur Work Visa application according to New Zealand immigration law requirements
establish a business or
find and buy a business that suits your expectations and experience
write a business plan which will satisfy Immigration New Zealand
get the necessary legal advice
get the necessary taxation advice

We will provide you with all the expert knowledge and support you will need.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers at New Zealand Immigration Concepts have more than 20 years of expert experience and knowledge to guide you through your Entrepreneur Visa application process.

New Zealand lawyers, business and tax specialists will be at your side throughout the process if you want their assistance.

If buying an already existing business might be an option for you we will be able to assist you with finding a business that suits you.

Step Two: Entrepreneur Residence Visa

Once you have obtained your Entrepreneur Work Visa you can apply for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa (Permanent Residence in New Zealand) after having run a business successfully in New Zealand for at least

- two years


- six months, provided you have invested at least NZ $ 500,000 in your business and created at least three full time jobs for New Zealanders (fast track procedure; investment and employment must be maintained for two years).


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