Dr. Carsten Hallwass attended "Ciao Italia”

Dr. Carsten Hallwass attended "Ciao Italia”

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand in collaboration with the Dante Alighieri Society hosted an Italian-themed evening called "Ciao Italia".

Ciao Italia 2018  was celebrated on Wednesday, 14th of July. It featured Italian institutions and New Zealand based Italian  professionals operating in New Zealand. Various Italian products, either imported from Italy or produced in New Zealand, could be sampled.

New Zealand Immigration Concepts are members of the  Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand and were present at that evening.  Among the visitors were Italian entrepreneurs,  who are interested in investing and doing business in New Zealand. They spoke to our business and investment migration specialist Dr. Carsten Hallwass and received advice on how to migrate to New Zealand through  business activity or an investment. 

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