The Hidden Job Market in New Zealand

Access the vast job potential of the Hidden Job Market! 


In New Zealand, only 30% of all jobs are advertised

Knowing how to approach the hidden job market successfully will open a source with huge potential.

Experts say that only 30% of the roles that are available at any time will be listed on websites or advertised in public media. This means that 4 out of 5 job openings are never advertised. They will be filled through other channels.

To access this hidden job market, you will need to commit time and energy and take a focused, positive and active approach. Develop a clear idea of what you are looking for in a job, in functional terms, rather than searching by job title.

You will also need to do as much research as possible to identify the organisations you could target. Keep up to date with current events by reading professional publications, trade magazines, business publications and articles in the employment section of newspapers.


Watch our short animation to understand what the Hidden Job Market is.

We use the iceberg analogy to explain the hidden job market, and how to reach it. 




Local knowledge is key

Our Job Search Coaches will explain to you how you can find out about those hidden job opportunities and how you can utilise the potential of the hidden job market for your job search.
They will give you inside information, meaning you can get ahead of the competition for a role, or sometimes even be offered a position that is not being advertised on job boards or social media. For more information, check out our tips for accessing the Hidden Job Market.




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