What are the Minimum Salary Requirements?

What are the remuneration thresholds in Skilled Migrant and Essential Skills policies?

Your salary level will be a crucial requirement to be able to secure a visa under the Skilled Migrant or Essential Skills Categories.

The new Skilled Migrant Policy acknowledges that higher-paid positions reflect higher skill levels and will result in an increased potential to benefit New Zealand's economic growth. Bonus points will be awarded for employment based on high levels of earnings.


Is your employment skilled?

There are two different indicators used to determine whether your employment is classified as skilled:

  1. If your occupation is at ANZSCO skill levels 1–3, you must earn at or above NZ$25.50 per hour (or the equivalent annual salary)
  2. If your occupation is at ANZSCO skill levels 4–5, you must earn at or above NZ$38.25 per hour (or the equivalent annual salary) to be awarded points for skilled employment in your Skilled Migrant Category residence application.


Will you qualify for bonus points?

You may be eligible for 20 bonus points if you are claiming points for skilled employment and the remuneration for that employment is at or above NZ$51 per hour (or the equivalent annual salary).


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