Job Search Coaching

Job Search Coaching for Migrants to New Zealand

Individual coaching is the key to the success of your job search in New Zealand!

Our Job Search Program is based on the knowledge and experience that the success of your job search will depend on a well defined individual strategy, followed through with a targeted approach and fine-tuned every step of the way.

We believe that our Job Search Program will give you the most comprehensive support for your job search that you can get in New Zealand!



Job Search Strategy 

Our Job Search Team will work with you on developing a well targeted strategy for your job search well ahead of your planned arrival in New Zealand.  

Katrin and Anna have many years of experience in working with migrant job seekers from all over the world. They will  coordinate your job search and monitor its progress to make sure that it stays on track.

They will liaise with our Licensed Immigration Advisers throughout the process.  

This will ensure that your job search is aligned with visa requirements and you will only apply for jobs that have the potential to give you points for your Expression of Interest or fulfil work visa requirements. 


Career Coaching

A session of one-on-one career coaching with our Careers Coach Judi will jump start your immigration journey!

Judi is a qualified & innovative Career Specialist with more than 12 years experience and a passion for supporting individuals to make well informed decisions about their future.

By applying innovative job search strategies Judi helps our clients who are trying to break into the New Zealand job market with identifying their strengths, clarifying their work goals; confidence building; teaching effective interview skills and helping to manage stress in relation to job search.

Judi will work with you on becoming the best candidate on the New Zealand job market you can possibly be.

This coaching session is a powerful job search tool. It will give you the much-needed confidence to make far-reaching decisions about your move, before you even get here!

The session will leave you feeling empowered and ready for your active job hunt in New Zealand!

We strongly recommend that you talk to Judi as early in the process as possible, long before you arrive in New Zealand!


Job Application Coaching

You are now ready for the next step: Your actual job hunt begins.

You only get one chance to get each job application right! 

Katrin and Anna have a profound understanding of the job application process and know the job market inside and out. 

To begin with they will transfer your overseas skills into a format that is understood and appreciated by New Zealand employers and develop your professional profile. This will ensure that you can use your full professional potential when starting your new career in New Zealand. 

Once your job application material is in great shape and you are familiar with the New Zealand job market, Anna and Katrin will support your job applications by coaching you through the different application and interview styles.  

They will seek feedback from employers and recruiters and work with you on constantly adapting and improving your job applications.

This will ensure that your applications are well targeted and highly convincing, every single time you apply for a job! 


You need to make an outstanding impression!

Standing out from competing applicants is important. It will give you the chance to get an interview, where you can convince the employer that you are the best fit for their team. 

If your application succeeds and you are given the chance to present yourself in person, now is the time for you to nail the interview!

It is important to know what to expect. 

Anna and Katrin will give you tips on interview etiquette, on how to present yourself, what to say and what not to say, and empower you to be a confident candidate. 

Our advice: Read the Top 28 Job Interview Replies to prepare yourself for the interview. 


Our Job Search Team is here for you!

When making use of our Job Search Program, our entire Job Search Team will back you up and you will receive ongoing powerful job search support throughout your search for employment in New Zealand. 



Feedback from our job search clients: 

"Hi Katrin, 

Thank you for all the effort that you and your team are putting into my dream.

I do not think that I was expecting all of this when I enrolled at first, but I am really excited and finally sure that the process ahead can only be 100% successful. Kind Regards, A.O."

"Dear Judi, 

It's really nice talking to you! I like your way of strategic thinking. The examples you showed me were just like vivid movies. You're right, there're definitely a variety of ways of approaching jobs. Who knows which channel will get me through! 

I'll adapt myself and restart again!

Thanks for your help, it's really beneficial for me!

I hope someday I have the chance to meet you in person!

Kind regards, L."

"Hi Anna,
Wow, nice work on the CV, if this crossed my desk I would strongly consider hiring myself."

"Dear Anna,  Wow!  You made my CV look incredible. Thank you!"

"The CV looks great, thank you. Exactly the same with the cover letter, it is perfect! 

I am very happy with it and feel that it represents me really well!"

"All the tips and advice that you have given us have been fantastic. It has really helped to ease any uncertainties." 

"Hey Katrin,Thanks for my CV and cover letter. The difference to a German CV is huge! :)"

" Hi Katrin, We made it!! Many thanks for your work and your advice. 

For sure you have made a difference for my perspective of the job search in New Zealand and I am glad you have been working  with me! 

Thank you for all the attention, for clarifying my doubts, the reports, the cover letter, supervising my CV and cheering me up from the very beginning! Cheers, Saul S."

"Thank you for your help in that journey! My job hunting has really been improved thanks to NZIC, and more specifically Katrin.

She was always by my side, giving me advice, working on my CV and Cover Letter and even correcting my English!  
And then, thanks Julia, my application for my Work Visa has been accepted within only 3 days!

The great work done before has surely helped to achieve this quick positive result. NZIC are really professional and know what to do, when to do it and how to do it… That is so convenient and efficient! I’m still working with them for the next steps and would like to thank them again for their help and support.

Thank you
Kind Regards, François B. IT Systems Engineer, France


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