Neuseelands Investment Attraction Strategy

New Zealand has designed an Investment Attraction Strategy

The goal of this strategy is to attract high quality investment to accelerate growth throughout the whole of New Zealand.

Traditionally most investor migrants place their funds into passive investments as part of their visa application.

Making prudent investment decisions  is important to investor migrants and because they know little about investing in New Zealand they perceive passive as the most expedient and safest investment to base an application on. 

Strategists at the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment have identified considerable untapped intellectual and financial potential for contributions from investor migrants to New Zealand`s economy. They have developed the Investment Attraction Strategy to encourage more diverse investment portfolios.

 Priorities will be given to attracting investment that 

  • Enhances New Zealand`s access to export markets
  • Creates more highly-skilled jobs in fields of science and technology
  • Brings new value-adding technologies, processes and know-how 
  • Improves economic infrastructure
  • Strengthens New Zealand`s capabilities in research, development and innovation
  • Are in managed funds that provide capital to earlier stage New Zealand companies

The strategy is aiming to achieve this by 

  • Delivering a program of investment showcases to promote investment opportunities in priority sectors
  • Market specific investment opportunities to prospective investors in priority markets
  • Delivering a comprehensive package of investor facilitation services
  • Providing more visible investment opportunities
  • Developing a comprehensive support package available for investors
  • Engaging with the research community to develop a pipeline of investment opportunities
  • Developing a program to introduce migrant investors into local business and investor networks
  • Reviewing relevant migrant visa categories to enhance their attractiveness to high-quality applicants

Offshore markets that are particular targets for this strategy are

US, UK and Europe, Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.  

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