Seminare für Business und Investor Einwanderer

Meet our Business and Investor Migration expert Dr. Carsten Hallwass in your ASEAN home country.

Find out all you need to know about immigrating to New Zealand as business and investor migrant.

Dr. Carsten Hallwass is regularly holding seminars in Asia, the US, South Africa and Europe and is available for personal consultations during his stay. 

Make use of his over 20 years of experience as business and investment migration adviser and meet him for an in-depth consultation to talk about your plans for New Zealand and the latest developments and tendencies in New Zealand`s business and investor migrant policies.

Register your interest for a consultation now!

Dr. Hallwass will contact you prior to his arrival to collate some initial information from you and find out what your plans for New Zealand are. This will enable him to be well prepared for the meeting with you and to give you high quality advice and information during the consultation.

At the meeting he will establish what will be required in your individual case for you to immigrate to New Zealand successfully and answer your migration related questions. Together with you he will develop a strategy for your migration process and give you a detailed proposal on how to turn your plans for New Zealand into reality.

On his return to New Zealand Dr. Hallwass will follow up with a written strategic report and proposal. This will put you in a strong position to start your immigration process, knowing that you have an expert and his team supporting you in New Zealand. 

To register your interest email Dr. Carsten Hallwass<[email protected]>

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