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Visa Assistance – Integrated Job Search Program – Business Migration – More than 20 years of Experience with Migration to New Zealand – Proven Track Record – Dedicated Team - Based in New Zealand.


When working with us you will get the best all-round immigration support you can find for your move to New Zealand.

New Zealand Immigration Concepts Ltd was founded in 1995 in Nelson, on the South Island of New Zealand, and has since assisted thousands of migrants of many nationalities and from all over the world to successfully immigrate to New Zealand.


What we will do for you:

  • Our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers and Employment Specialists will help you find a job and obtain your visa. 
  • With years of professional experience our prominent strength is to identify and then accentuate your individual potential when representing you.
  • We provide comprehensive assistance in all aspects of the business and investor migration process. 
  • To start your process, we will give you a Free Professional Assessment, evaluating your eligibility and advising you of the best pathway to successfully immigrate to New Zealand. 
  • As our client, you will get a comprehensive Case Management Report, which will be the base and guideline for your entire migration process.
  • You will have transparency throughout the process.
  • You will be backed up by our extensive network of professionals, who cover the entire bandwidth of support you will need for your migration. 
  • Our fees are transparent, success dependent and fixed right from the start. 


Our strong points – Your benefits

  • We are based in New Zealand.
  • We focus exclusively on immigration to New Zealand.
  • We are highly qualified, with fully Licensed Immigration Advisers, Job Search Professionals and Career Coaches in our team.
  • We have more than 22 years experience with providing immigration assistance, more than 70 years combined in our team. 
  • We are all migrants ourselves and therefore know exactly what you are going through, except for our Job Search Professionals who are New Zealanders and have their fingers on the pulse of the New Zealand employment market.
  • We are personal: You will have your dedicated personal Licensed Immigration Adviser, Job Search Expert or Investment and Business Specialist working hand in hand with you.
  • We are determined to make a difference for you: Together we will prepare your arrival in New Zealand to a degree where you will hit the ground running and follow through to completion.
  • We have a success rate of close to 100% for skilled and business migrants.

100% New Zealand owned and operated 


We will be here for you, every step of the way! 

This quote really explains it best: 

"During my research into the whole immigration project I've found a lot of companies / individuals who render certain services.

Immigration agents will do your paperwork, employment agencies will help you find work, property websites will let you look for accommodation and other places will write your CV / LinkedIn profile. 

That's all great, but no-one seems to be offering all these services under one umbrella - you have to liaise with at least 5 different people to get all of the above done."



Free Professional Assessment

We highly recommend that you start your immigration journey by asking us for a comprehensive professional assessment of your chances, provided by our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers and Employment Specialists.  

Take your first step to New Zealand: Ask us for a Free Assessment of your chances of getting a visa and finding a job!



Success orientated Visa Assistance

We have two fully licensed Immigration Advisers in our team: Dr. Carsten Hallwass, specialising in Business and Investor migration, and Julia Cooke who has many years of experience in Skilled and Family migration.

New Zealand has developed comprehensive immigration policies to support the country’s wellbeing and economic growth and there is a broad range of visa options available for people wanting to come and live in New Zealand. 

The visa application process is complex. Choosing the right visa type, submitting a perfect visa application and liaising with Immigration New Zealand directly can be daunting tasks.

Professional registration is compulsory for Immigration Advisers, whether they are working in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world.

The New Zealand Immigration Authority, Immigration New Zealand does not accept visa applications from advisers who are not licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, IAA.

Both advisers are fully licensed and provide individual guidance and support from start to finish, taking away any uncertainty you might have about your process and the potential risk of being rejected by Immigration New Zealand and failing with your migration to New Zealand. 

Many of our clients have confirmed that they would have found it difficult to navigate this process without expert assistance. 

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will lodge your visa applications in the best possible manner and liaise with Immigration New Zealand on your behalf to ensure a successful outcome for our pre-approved clients. 


Powerful Integrated Job Search Assistance

Our Job Search Assistance Service has been established to give our clients the deciding boost when looking for skilled employment in New Zealand.

This program has been developed constantly over the past 8 years and we are now providing comprehensive and targeted individual job search assistance for immigrants to New Zealand from start to finish, with a remarkable success quote. 

Our Job Search Team will work with you on becoming the best candidate you can possibly be on the New Zealand job market.

We will develop your professional profile to a high standard, guide and support you throughout the entire job search process and liaise with New Zealand employers and recruiters for you. 

We will not only provide you with some general advice or a template for your CV and cover letter, but actively build your profile to represent your professional skills in the best light possible. 

Additionally, Katrin, the Employment Adviser,  will liaise with our Licensed Immigration Advisers throughout your process, to ensure that your job search is aligned with your visa application.

Now, to provide an even higher level of support we have just added a new member to our Job Search Team: Jacqui is an experienced Recruitment Specialist, will go the extra mile for you by coaching you during your entire job search journey and evaluating employer and recruiter feedback, to optimise the active phase of your job hunt in New Zealand, until you have secured a job offer.


Expert Business and Investor Migration Assistance 

Dr. Carsten Hallwass, the Business and Investor Migration specialist in our team, has over 20 years of experience with advising business and investor migrants.

Dr. Hallwass has a sound knowledge of the New Zealand business place as well as business and investor visa policies.

He has pulled together a network of professionals who understand migrants' requirements and will be there for you if, and when you require assistance with business, legal or taxation advice and many other aspects of settling in New Zealand.

Dr. Carsten Hallwass will work with you on your Business or Investor Visa application and guide you through the multidimensional process of migrating as a business owner or investor. 



Our fees are a sound investment into your future.

You can maximise your chances for a successful outcome and avoid expensive mistakes by acquiring the services of our Licensed Immigration Advisers and Employment and Business Specialists.

Not only will you have peace of mind, knowing that your immigration process is in capable hands and that you have a strong support team working alongside you, but you will also speed up the process considerably. 

By the time you arrive in New Zealand together we will have built a solid base for your new life in our country and you will be in a strong position to truly hit the ground running.

Migrant quote: 'Once I arrive in New Zealand every day will count for me and will be eating into my savings, so I need to make sure that I can start working as soon as possible. '

Working with us will save you time, nerves and money and give you a real head start, ensuring that you do not have to use up your savings while trying to establish yourself in New Zealand. 

A significant part of our fees are contingent upon success, they become due as your migration process progresses and only if the previous step of the process has been concluded successfully. 

We can accommodate your personal circumstances and set up a payment plan to suit your budget.


About our Services: Client Feedback 

Julia: I am pleased to inform you that your resident visa has been approved in principle - congratulations! 

Client: Hi Julia, thanks very much for this super news! You can't imagine how happy I am and I am really thankful to New Zealand Immigration Concepts for all their support. I really appreciate all your help!  Dhan S. 


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