New Zealand's Covid Timeline

See how New Zealand's borders are gradually re-opening since our country went into full lockdown in March 2020.

July 2021

300 border exemptions for qualified teachers announced

100 border exemptions for refugees, renewing every six weeks

June 2021

200 border exemptions for dairy workers and vets announced

300 border exemptions for recognised seasonal workers, renewing every month

May 2021

Borders open to Rarotonga

Border exemptions for high net worth Investors announced

April 2021

Borders open to Australia

Border exemptions for families of onshore migrants to reunite announced

March 2021

More than 1000 foreigners have been cleared to enter Aotearoa to attend the 36th America's Cup

February 2021

Immigration NZ announces Approval in Principal (AIP) decisions on Investor applications to continue

January 2021

1000 border exemptions  for international students announced (to arrive from March)

December 2020

2000 border exemptions for workers in the jorticulture industry announced

October 2020

General border exemptions for temporary work visa holders who have a strong ongoing connection with New Zealand announced

June 2020

7000 exemptions made under new 'Critical Worker' Category; allows critical migrant workers with skills not available in NZ, across the border

May 2020

Border exemptions for International film crews to arrive in New Zealand

April 2020

Critical Health Worker and Other Critical Worker Exemptions announced, to allow those working in health, and those with 'unique experience, and technical or specialist skills not obtainable at all in NZ' into the country

March 2020

New Zealand announces a complete lockdown. All borders are closed.