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How many points will you get for your age?

The principal applicant can claim the following points for age in the Expression of Interest:

Age Points

Evidence of your age

You can claim points for your age in your Expression of Interest without having to provide evidence at that stage, but you will have to provide evidence of your age when submitting your resident visa application.

Evidence of age may include but is not limited to, original or certified copies of:

  • a birth certificate
  • a passport or other travel document
  • an identity card (from countries which require an identity card and where birth details must be confirmed before one is issued).

Principal applicants aged 56 and over will not be approved under the Skilled Migrant Category.

If you have already reached the age limit of the Skilled Migrant Category, you might still qualify for a resident visa for New Zealand.

Ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers whether you might qualify under one of the other resident visa policies, namely the Business or Investor Policies or the Parent Retirement Category.  

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