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Can you claim points for your work experience?

You may be able to claim points for your previous work experience in your Expression of Interest if your experience meets the policy requirements for the Skilled Migrant category.

Your work experience must be relevant

It must

  • be in the same field as your recognised qualification, or
  • in the same field as your current employment or your offer of skilled employment in New Zealand, or
  • have helped you gain relevant specialist, technical, or management skills and experience.

What if I do not have a job or job offer?

If you do not have a skilled job or job offer in New Zealand, any work experience you claim points for must have been gained in a comparable labour market.

Points  might be awarded for work experience in countries that are not 'comparable labour markets', but only if you were working:

  • for a multinational commercial entity domiciled in one of these listed countries, or
  • in an area of absolute skill shortage.

Work experience will be assessed as being in a comparable labour market if it was gained in one of the following countries:

Australia, Malaysia, Austria, New Zealand, Belgium-Luxembourg, Netherlands, Canada, Norway, Cyprus, Philippines, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Republic of South Korea, France, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, Greece, Spain, Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Israel, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Japan

How many points can you claim based on your work experience?

Assuming that your work experience is recognised, you will be able to claim the following points:

Claim bonus points for your work experience

In addition to the points above, you may be able to claim additional bonus points in your Expression of Interest if your work experience has been obtained

  • in New Zealand - 1 to 3 years will give you 5 to 15 points

Find out how your remuneration will affect your points.

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