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Bonus points for Partner Qualification

If the partner of the principal applicant has got a recognised qualification, this is seen as a contribution of the whole migrating family, and will therefore provide bonus points for the Expression of Interest.

Recognised qualifications held by the partner of a principal applicant qualify for the following points:

  • Level three to six on the New Zealand Qualification Framework (trade qualification, diploma) 10 points    
  • Level seven to ten on the New Zealand Qualification Framework (bachelors degree, bachelors degree with Honours, Masters Degree, Doctorate)  20 points  

A partner's recognised qualification only qualifies for bonus points if:

  • the partner is included in the application; and
  • the partner meets the English language requirements for principal applicants; and
  • an immigration officer is satisfied that the principal applicant and their partner have been living together for 12 months or more in a partnership that is genuine and stable and otherwise meets Partnership requirements.

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