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Ron Thomson | Senior Partner | Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers

New Zealand law is different.

Whether buying a house, transferring your finances, becoming an employer or employee or making a new will, you might find a lawyer's assistance essential when you move to New Zealand.

Ron Thompson, senior partner at Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers,  is a vital part of the New Zealand Immigration Concepts Network.

He specialises in trust law, property and business law and Wills and estates, with a strong focus on assisting his clients with their immigration specific requirements. 

Ron graduated B.A. LL.B. from Victoria University.  Until 1992 he was a partner in the Auckland office of Australasian law firm Phillips Fox. He then spent ten years working in offshore financial centres, most recently in the Channel Islands, specialising in estate planning and trusts.

He is here to help you with all your legal requirements and his advice and will be tailored to meet your individual needs as a new migrant to New Zealand.

For example, you will need a lawyer when

Buying a house or land

In New Zealand the whole process of buying a property and getting a mortgage is managed by your lawyer. Special rules apply to some properties unless you have New Zealand citizenship and you need to understand these.

Setting up a business

You will need help from a lawyer in negotiating contracts and leases, understanding employment law and minimizing taxation.

Protecting your assets

Perhaps you need to set up a family trust or a company. Maybe you need to transfer assets that are already held in a trust or company in your home country to a New Zealand trust or company. You will need specialist help from a lawyer in any of these situations.

Making a new will

We do not have inheritance tax in New Zealand. It is important to note that, after your death, your family may be taxed by your home country on New Zealand assets. Making a New Zealand will can avoid this and other problems.


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