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Active Job Search Assistance in New Zealand 

At New Zealand Immigration Concepts we provide active job search assistance for skilled migrants.   

Finding a job in New Zealand is an important part of the immigration process.

On one hand, of course, it is vital for most migrants to find employment in order to earn a living in their new country. On the other hand, a job offer will be the core of your formal immigration process if you are migrating under the Skilled Migrant Category: You will need a job offer to apply for a visa.

Our employment adviser Katrin Schottke has many years of experience with assisting our migration clients with their search for employment in New Zealand. She knows the New Zealand job market inside out and will provide you with her market knowledge as well as ongoing support for as long as it takes you to find a job.  

Her success rate is impressive!

 Ask Katrin how she will be able to assist you with finding a job in New Zealand that matches your qualifications and skills. 


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If you want to find out what it takes to find a job in New Zealand ask our Job Search Coach Katrin Schottke for a Free Assessment of your chances.

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